X-Wing Miniatures – Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack Leak? Part 2

Note: I wrote this article back in July (!) last year so keep that in mind when reading, maybe we’ll find out in a few days time if I got anything right here when we see AMG’s live stream.

In part 1 I laid out what ships we could see in the Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack. Now I’d like to talk about what I would like to see! I’m going to mention quite a mixture of things and I’m well aware that it’s too much, but it’s fun to speculate.


When it comes to the YT-2400 in Second Edition it has two big problems. Its cost and its action bar/lack of action economy.

The first problem could now be sorted following the points update, time will tell.* To counter the second problem my suggestion would be to get Iron Squadron involved. They could have pilot abilities that can help the ship with actions. A second focus token for example could come in really handy. A white barrel roll would be fantastic. They would also be lower initiative so the cost could stay down.

Iron Squadron
Mart Mattin, Gooti Terez, Jonner Jin and R3-A3

*Time told, we saw a lot of Dash for a time folowing points changes last year. Players seems pretty happy with where he is now. The other plots…eh.

Attack Shuttle

The pack would be a great time to introduce the Attack Shuttle into Second Edition as it’s spot in the Ghost expansion was taken by the Sheathipede as mentioned in Part 1. I always appreciated it in First Edition as it was a tiny ship with a big gun and a turret. Nowadays whenever I use it it just melts (that may be due to me flying more than the ship itself though).

Instagram screenshot
One of my first outings with Ezra in the Attack Shuttle

Really not sure on what other pilots you could bring in here other than the ones already in the conversion pack but it would be nice for people newer to the game to be able to get their hands on it. I would wager a lot of newer fans have watched Rebels and would like to fly thematic squads. Would it be able to dock with the Ghost like the Sheathipede? I highly doubt it but you never know!


The B-Wing has just got itself a shiny new configuration card but an even newer ‘composite-beam laser’ config would be cool. It would have to be super strong due to the nature of the weapon so it would have to be very restrictive in its use. The use of charges, stress, ion and the bullseye arc could sort that out with a cool down of sorts after firing the weapon like a weapons disabled token…for the next two rounds. I’m spit balling but you get the idea. Also, Hera as a pilot and a gunner crew slot would be interesting.

Prototype B-Wing
B6 Prototype


What could be interesting is an RZ-1 Trainer config for the A-Wing to give it a crew slot, maybe at the expense of agility? I would certainly like to see what jank people could come up with! Another thing could be a config for the RZ-1 giving it the RZ-2’s ability to point its guns backwards.

RZ-1 Trainer A-Wing
RZ-1 Trainer

What is needed most of all is a high initiative pilot. Jake is the highest at I4 and he’s great. But some I5 or an I6 would be great in this little ship. The Rebels may then have a true arc dodging ace. Wedge in an A-Wing would be *checks note* awesome.


Anyone that has met me in the world of X-Wing knows that I’m a T-65 guy. It’s my favourite ship and it forms a part of the vast majority of my lists so of course I’d like to see more pilots.

T-65 X-Wing

One that springs to mind is ‘Hobbie’ Klivian who was a pilot back in First Edition. His ability – When you acquire or spend a target lock, you may remove 1 stress token from your ship – was very solid and I don’t see why it couldn’t come straight over to Second Edition with no changes. Put him at initiative 3 or 4 and as long as he was costed appropriately I think he’d see a decent amount of play.

I know I said Hera in a B-Wing but Hera in an X-Wing would be fantastic. She would be I6 and I wouldn’t be averse to a different pilot ability, maybe something to do with firing whilst the s-foils are closed (like in Rebels when she takes out the Defender Elite). People may say putting her in a 65 is overkill but as the ship shares its name with the game I’m inclined to let it slide.

Is it hot in here?

The last thing is a stretch but I’d love to see Blue Squadron from Rogue One in the game. Who doesn’t want to see General Merrick and his beautiful moustache in the game? Maybe give him an ability to pair up with Biggs so we can use the moustache bros!

Do you agree with anything I’ve said? Am I talking complete nonsense? Do you have your own ideas on what you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

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