X-Wing Miniatures – Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack Leak? Part 1

Note: I wrote this article back in July (!) last year so keep that in mind when reading, maybe we’ll find out in a few days time if I got anything right here when we see AMG’s live stream.

Recently a user on the FFG forum posted the image below. This indicates there are new X-Wing Squadron Packs coming our way.

X-Wing Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack

I’ll preface this by acknowledging there were multiple squadron packs mentioned on this site (Skystrike Academy and Fugitives and Collaborators) but as I only play Rebels I’m going to stick to what I know. Also, I’m terrible at trying to work out abilities for new pilots so I’m going to leave that well alone. What I’m going to do is speculate on what this pack could include (Part 1) and also what I’d like to see (Part 2).

FFG have mentioned they will be releasing ‘ace packs’ like we got in First Edition but since then we have had squadron packs for CIS and the Republic so it’s unclear what these new packs will be. Either way it gives us room to speculate so here are the ships that would thematically fit in a Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack.

The Ships

  • TIE Fighter
  • YT-2400
  • A-Wing
  • B-Wing
  • Attack Shuttle
  • T-65 X-Wing
  • Y-Wing

That’s a decent list! Below I’ll break them down a little and talk about where the ship stands in the current game.

Ship Breakdown

TIE Fighter

Unless they plan on bringing back the old ‘Captured TIE’ modification I would resign Sabine’s TIE Fighter to history. If you’re looking for a ‘filler’ ship then use a Z-95. It was a stretch when it was first released and I’d prefer effort was put elsewhere. Honestly I can’t see FFG re-releasing this in Second Edition so pay it no mind.

YT-2400 Freighter

The YT-2400 is shown in Rebels as part of Iron Squadron who join the Rebels. With the reduction of it’s points cost in the latest points update it’s now more viable so that could in its favour. But, it is a large base ship which would probably push the price of the pack too high. It would also mean ridiculously sized packaging (what is it with FFG’s X-Wing packaging?! Ugh.). I wonder if X-Wing’s new caretakers, Atomic Mass Games, will change this.

RZ-1 A-Wing

The RZ-1 A-Wing, now we’re talking. It’s a cool ship and is probably the obvious choice here considering how much we see them in the show. We have just had a new A-Wing though in similar colours so would seem a bit odd to release it again so quickly. However, there is a severe lack of RZ-1 pilots when you compare it to the Resistance RZ-2. From looking at the chat on the live stream of the recent ship reveal this is at the top of player’s wish lists.

ASF-01 B-Wing

We see the B-Wing in Rebels as the prototype ‘Blade Wing’. It has a composite-beam laser system powered by the hyperdrive that cuts a frigate in two. It had a gunner stationed on the opposite end of the ship to the pilot. This would be stripped out for the production model that we see next in RotJ. The B has now been released in Second Edition and the new sculpt is fantastic; an alternate paint job would be pretty cool.

Star Wars Rebels Phantom

The Attack Shuttle or Phantom was used by the Spectres as a shuttle and fighter on many occasions. It’s last mission was to steal a batch of Y-Wings from the Imperial junkyard Reklam Station where it was destroyed. It was later replaced by the Sheathipede Shuttle, Phantom II. The Ghost has been released in Second Edition with an updated sculpt and includes a Sheathipede so this pack would be a good chance to re-release this ship.


The Incom T-65B X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter. Yes I gave it its full name as it’s my favourite ship in all of Star Wars. It has a tonne of pilots already but I don’t think anyone would begrudge it getting more. It is the game’s namesake afterall!


As mentioned before, a batch of Y-Wings was ‘liberated’ by the crew of the Ghost for the Rebel Alliance. It would be a mainline fighter/bomber until the introduction of the B-Wing. The Y doesn’t have the greatest roster of pilots so some additions would be nice.

So that’s the ships that could be in this pack. But what about that I’d like to see? Head over to Part 2 to find out!

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