X-Wing Miniatures Beginner’s Guide – What to Buy – Scum and Villainy

Driven by their desire for profit, bounty hunters will relentlessly pursue their quarry to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Far from the uniform ranks of the Rebellion or the Empire, these mercenaries often inject their own style and flair into their work.

Scum and Villainy were released as the third faction back in First Edition, in wave 6 to be exact. For those of us that were playing back then (in 2015!!) it was a pretty big deal. They’re not the new kids on the block anymore, but they have some great ships and are strong in the current meta.

Before we talk ships there is something we need to address. The core set contains both Rebel and Imperial ships. This makes getting into those faction a little easier. You have all the cards, tokens and ships in one place. With the other factions you have three options to get everything you need:

  1. Buy a core set. You then have the tokens, range rulers, dice and a damage deck. Problem with this is that you then have ships you’re not interested in. You could try to sell them on but they won’t fetch much.
  2. You can now buy range rulers, dice and damage decks separately from FFG. Regarding the damage deck, there are faction specific decks which is nice!
  3. Get hold of all the above from friends/players at your LGS (local game store).

With these points in mind I’m going to assume that you have managed to get the bits you need. That way I can concentrate on the ships.

Yes you read that right, two Fang Fighters! Out of all the factions, Scum is where I’m probably sticking most to the meta.

Slave I

The Firespray Class Patrol Craft – made famous by Boba Fett – has been one of the most popular ships of 2020. This ship has dominated Scum lists, especially the aforementioned Mr Fett.

Swz16 boba-fett

He’s iconic, I5 and his ability means you want to get him stuck in and engage at range 1. I think this is great for newer players who want to ‘pew pew’ and roll lots of dice. The downside at the moment is that as Boba is the MVP of the faction he is everywhere!

Don’t be afraid to try out the other pilots too and play around with the different ship titles. They all give you some different playstyles which is great when you’re just starting out.

Fang Fighter

If I was a Scum player the Fang is the first ship I’d buy. The reason? It’s lairy.

Swz17 fenn-rau

The main man for the Fang is Fenn Rau. Check out the pilot and ship abilities! If that’s not aggressive I don’t know what is. He can pop easily as he has no shields but the dial is great and the boost or barrel roll into a red focus is fantastic. It gives you a lot of options to get into or out of trouble.

If you don’t have the points for Fenn then Old Teroch is another great choice. His ability has a huge impact on how your opponent engages. Fenn and ‘Terry’ together are great as are a pair of the Skull Squadron Pilots.

M3-A Interceptor

A third ship for Scum gets a bit trickier. But when looking at the first two ships on this list it gets easier. Both the Firespray and Fang can be pricey if you want them to so the obvious is to go the cheaper route. That’s where the M3-A (or Scyk) comes in!

The cheapest pilot – the Cartel Spacer – is 25 points so can be a great choice fora blocker at initiative 1. The next ship you’d want to check out is Sunny Bounder. At 27 points with a fun ability I have friends that swear by her.

M3-A Bounder
Yes that is a fun ability!

At the expensive end is Serissu at 41 points with a neat little defensive ability for her allies at range 1. The real interesting part of these ships is the Weapon Hardpoint. You can equip either a torpedo, missile or cannon which gives them loads of options, if you want to spend the points. Otherwise keep them cheap and cheerful.

Honourable Mention

JumpMaster 5000 – After being an absolute beast of a ship in First Edition FFG hit it with the nerf bat, hard. But now it seems to be coming back! You might need the Hotshots pack for the new pilot – Nom Lumb – hence why the ship is here.

Scum and Villainy, done. Comment below on what your choices would be, next week I’ll be taking a look at Resistance!

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