X-Wing Miniatures Beginner’s Guide – What to Buy – Republic

Leading the fight against the Separatist war machine are none other than the Jedi Knights. They enter the fight at the controls of the Delta-7 Aethersprite, a starfighter that allows them to use their Force-enhanced reflexes to the fullest. Behind them, clone pilots take to the skies in V-19 Torrents and ARC-170s, covering their Jedi Generals with coordinated fire, tight formation flying, and salvos of missiles.

If you were thinking I’d be talking about the sequel era factions now as they were next to come out I’d say you have a point. But, as I’m currently running a giveaway for a Republic Squadron Pack with The Jedi Archives (here) it made sense to talk about the Grand Army of the Republic.

Lets get to it!

Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack

This is a no-brainer. This pack contains two V-19 Torrents and a Delta-7, a fantastic start! It also contains a good set of upgrade cards (including Crack Shot, Expert Handling and Trick Shot) to get you started too.

With five hull, no shields and a 2 dice primary attack, Torrents are nearly exclusively used as low initiative blockers. The named pilots get a bad rep (for good reason) so I’d stick with the Gold Squadron Pilot and put them at the front of your squad to shield your higher priority ships and disrupt enemy formations.

Delta-7 Aethersprite

The Delta is exactly what you’d expect, a highly maneuverable ship with lots of options, relatively low HP and high evasion. Every ship has at least one force charge which is great for when you don’t get an action (you can spend it to change one focus result when attacking or defending). They also have the ‘Fine-Tuned Controls’ ship ability which can really help mitigate shots coming in or get that juicy bullseye shot.

Speaking of bullseye, the ship has two configurations. The first is Calibrated Laser Targeting, which adds a focus result when the defender of your attack is in your bullseye arc. Handy if you haven’t spent the force charge yet. This config is the cheaper of the two and would be better used with a pilot like Anakin (above) who wants to get his enemies in the bullseye for his ability alongside plenty of force charges.

The Delta-7B title gives you an extra red die and two more shields but removes one green die. This is great if you want to brawl with Mace Windu for example, who recovers a force charge when executing red manoeuvres but less so if you’re looking to be evasive.

Regarding the pilots, there are a lots of different options. Where Mace is offensive and Anakin particularly jinky, the others have abilities that help other friendly ships. For new players they could be difficult to use but Obi-Wan is a strong option too, purely for his initiative and force charges. Note that the single expansion for the Delta has a different set of pilots to the Delta in the squadron pack, hence why it’s a good idea to have two.


I have had a good amount of experience with the Rebel ARC and I love it. It can fire from the front and rear and can take some punishment. It’s dial isn’t bad either. The same can be said for the Republic version, just with a shinier paint scheme.

The ‘pub’ version has some cool pilots, the two stand outs being ‘Wolffe’ and ‘Sinker’. Wolffe has a really clever use of his charge which enables him to boost his primary shot. Use him with R4-P and Expert Handling to really get the most out of him. Expensive but good fun! Sinker helps friendly ships in his side arcs by giving them a reroll when attacking so he’s extremely useful when flying in formation. This could really help out the two Gold Squadron Torrent pilots with their damage output.

The last thing to mention about the ARC is that it is a medium base ship which adds a different flavour to your Republic lists. For a new player it’s good to learn how to fly varying base sizes together as it can get difficult. Back to Dials on YouTube did a video about moving with medium bases which is very useful.

Honourable Mention

LAAT/i Gunship – This ship isn’t released yet (FFG are telling us September) but it’s an iconic ship from AotC and players have wanted to see it on the table now for a long time. It’ll likely be more of a support ship (Yoda crew!) but we’ll know more when we get preview articles so keep an eye out for them.

Quick aside, you can go to my shop where everything I talk about here is for sale. They are all affiliate links so you would be supporting me in what I’m trying to build here.

There you have it, Republic done. Next week I’ll be talking about the Separatists (Clankers!).

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