X-Wing Miniatures Beginner’s Guide – What to Buy – The Resistance

The Resistance is the only line of defense against the rising tide of the nefarious First Order. Like the Alliance to Restore the Republic before them, the pilots of the Resistance often find themselves outnumbered and outgunned. Fortunately, the Resistance has some of the most advanced starfighters from the entire Star Wars saga at their disposal.

I’m still holding out on the Separatist article (fingers crossed for a spoiler article soon!) so this week it’s the turn of the Resistance.

Lets get to it!

Heralds of Hope Squadron Pack

I know I’m kinda cheating with this one as it’s not released until October but from what we’ve seen so far (albeit limited) this looks like a great place to start with the Resistance. Two T-70s in different paint schemes (RoS themed) and an RZ-2 (so hot right now) really is the perfect start.

Along with lots of new upgrades (below, left) it will also include new versions of Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley (below, right) and Poe Dameron. This is the first time the card titles are being used to distinguish different versions of the same character in a faction and I’m all for it.

Poe is a great example; we will now have the ‘hot shot’ Poe from TFA and half of TLJ (helping himself) and the more experienced commander from RoS (helping others). Wexley’s new ability looks absolutely fantastic too and could actually tempt me to buy into Resistance myself!

Not much to say regarding the RZ-2 in this pack for now (keep reading), other than the fact it’s getting ANOTHER I5 pilot! Come on FFG where’s the RZ-1 love?

T-70 X-Wing

When talking about the 70 I can’t help but compare it to the 65 (my favourite ship).

Unfortunately for my 65, the only big advantage it has over its Resistance equivalent is its cost. You can fit five 65s in a list and only four 70s. Aside from that the 70 has one more shield, one more blue move (3 straight), and a better configuration (probably).

For me Bastian and Pava are the two best pilots in the 70. They are low initiative but both have the ability to get double modded attacks easily and can fit into most lists with no trouble.

Other than that it’s a nice straightforward ship that is great for new players!

RZ-2 A-Wing

I hate the RZ-2. Not because it’s a bad ship but because it’s an excellent ship and I wish the RZ-1 was anywhere near it in terms of usability.

Every action can link into either a boost or an arc rotate…and it has a lot of actions to choose from! And yes you read that right, it can shoot backwards. This means you can use the ship’s full speed potential to zoom in, block or shoot, and then zoom out still firing whilst enemy ships are either trying to turn around or firing unmodded due to being stressed after a k-turn.

Greer is a favourite, potentially three actions a turn!

A big drawback of the A-Wing in general is its two dice primary attack. However, the RZ-2 can overcome this with the following two upgrades.*

Adding both Advanced Optics and Heroic to them makes them super consistent, in fact just get the stapler out and staple these cards onto your pilot cards! Every time I’ve come up against these guys I’ve lost, you can’t beat how often they make their shots count and then survive.

*Heroic comes with the RZ-2 single expansions but Advanced Optics only comes in the Resistance Conversion Kit (if we’re strictly sticking to one faction) so you would have to source these elsewhere. Spoiler alert, it’s worth doing.

Resistance Transport

The Transport is cool (in its way) as you actually get two ships for the price of one! You can fly it as the complete transport or as the transport pod on its own. This means twice the pilot options, and it has some nice options. If you don’t recognise it straight away, it’s the ship that Leia appears from in The Force Awakens and the Pod is flown by Finn and Rose in The Last Jedi.

I’ll quickly talk about Finn (this is for new players after all and I don’t want to bombard them with info). Due to his low initiative the strain he receives to add a focus result is most of the time pointless. This essentially makes Finn a three attack, three defense ship. Add Heroic, Advanced Optics and Perceptive Copilot crew and he has a very, very high chance of getting 3 hits every attack. It’s crazy, you could say he’s a big de…….I’ll get my coat. I’m not sure if FFG meant to make this interaction the way it’s turned out but it’s great for the player flying him.

For the full Transport, Cova Nell is the place to start. One again you can take full advantage of the ability and upgrades combos to pump up the attack and defense. Using Leia crew and RA Astromech you can trigger Cova’s ability without ever getting the stress from the red manoeuvre you revealed. I’ll leave it there as cleverer people than I have explained it and I’d rather not trip over myself!

Honourable Mention

Fireball – The Fireball is a bit mental really. Starting the game with a facedown damage card?! Sounds ridiculous but it’s so different to the other Resistance ships it’s a nice change of pace. Stick R5 Astromech on Kaz to keep the damage down and you can spend more of the game with a three dice primary weapon instead.

Quick aside, you can go to my shop where everything I talk about here is for sale. They are all affiliate links so you would be supporting me in what I’m trying to build here.


As I was writing this I built my squad using the ships I’ve suggested so thought I’d share it! Maybe it can give you new players a base to work from.

There you have it, Resistance is done. I know I’ve written a lot about Heroic and Advanced Optics in this article but they really do add a lot to the ships. If you can’t get hold of the cards, just proxy them! The majority of players won’t mind. Just make sure you borrow them for tournaments (when we get back to playing them in person). Next time I’ll be talking about the Separatists.

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