X-Wing Miniatures Beginner’s Guide – What to Buy – Separatists

The corporate entities that form the bulk of the Separatist Alliance have untold resources at their disposal. As the Clone Wars escalate, then, it is only natural that they throw this weight into developing advanced starfighter technology that can help them put the Republic on the defensive. The result of this research is a unique blend of cheap but deadly droid starfighters and heavily armed ships controlled by “more traditional“ organic pilots.

This is it! The final beginner’s buying guide (for now). In this last guide I’ll be talking about the Separatists and what I think a good start would be.

Spolier alert, this will be the only mention of the Nantex in this guide. We all know they are the current bogeyman but from my understanding they have a high skill floor so not the best choice for new players. If you can find five or six of them to fly the current popular squads then fill your boots I guess!

Lets get to it!

Servants of Strife

In this squadron pack you get two Vulture Droids and one Belballub, I’ll get to the Vulture Droid later.

Now, out of all the factions I have the least experience with Seps. But General Grievous’ ability makes my ears prick up. It’s not unlike the Outmaneuver talent but instead of removing a green die from the defender you can reroll two of your red dice. Feels good to me! The title follows this theme too but for defense; if you’re getting shot but don’t have the attacker in arc you can reroll one green die. At I4 this could happen easily enough so feels like a good inclusion as it could save you in a clinch (heroic!).

Adding Impervium Plating to the mix seems like a good idea too; most of the criticial hits a ship can take are ship related. With two charges and in an ideal situation you could clear two Direct Hits! That very likely won’t happen so don’t go in with those expectations.

The other pilots don’t see a lot of play but if you want to try something different Captain Sear’s ability would be relatively easy to trigger with a swarm of Droids. If it works is a different question so don’t quote me!

Last thing to note; this ship has very strong linked actions. To barrel roll or boost and then take a focus is great. If you’re a new player and not sure how those actions work then head over to my YouTube channel where I explain them.

Vulture-Class Droid Fighter

When you think of Vultures the first thing that springs to mind is swarms. They are the cheapest ship in the game and it’s prbably best to keep them that way. Their Network Calculations ship ability means they can always help one another out and with the Grappling Struts configuration they can do a good job of board control by essentially becoming rotating turrets on obstacles!

Most players stick to the I1 Trade Federation Drones but if I had the points I’d take a look at the Precise Hunter who has an inbuilt Predator talent.

What can really make these guys strong are the Tactical Relay upgrades you can add to ships such as the Belballub. Kraken and TA-175 are particularly strong. The ability to keep hold of calculate tokens between rounds and getting more calculates when ships go down are fantasic and really add to the swarmy nature.

Hyena-Class Droid Bomber

The Hyena Bombers have the same ship ability as the Vulture so they can fit into squads together extremely easily. If you check out MetaWing (who has helped a lot with this article) you can see that a lot of Sep lists recently have been using Hyenas to support their Vultures; either with torpedoes/missiles or mines.

They can take a little more punishment than their smaller counterparts but are still very susceptible to crits which leads me to DBS-404. Who cares about taking a crit when you can get to range 1 and launch an Advanced Proton Torps with six red dice. Six! It’s ridiculous but great fun.

Honourable Mention*

Sith Infiltrator – This large base ship feels like it goes against the grain of the rest of the faction and that will likely stay the case considering the upcoming releases. But, if I played Seps I’d definitely be looking to fly it. It’s got the 5k that the Rebel VCX lost which is a fantastic maneuver as it covers so much ground and with a force user pilot you still have mods.

*I’ll reserve the right to change this choice once the HMP and Tri-Fighter are released, both look very cool!

So there we go, that’s all my beginner’s buying guides done. Maybe you agree with my picks, you likely don’t! At the very least it’s got you mulling what you would pick.

If you have any ideas for future articles let me know in the comments or find me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Happy flying!


  1. As someone who loves Separatists, here is what I bought to gain the most Vulture Droids for the cheapest.

    I ended up buying two servants of strife (I have found that they can usually be found cheaper than MSRP online, at least in the U.S.).

    Upside is you get 4 droids as cheap as you can. Downside is you have 2 Belballubs. I have yet to need a second Belballub.

    Otherwise I largely agree with your recommendations. The Sith Infiltrator is fun but does kind of go against the archetype for this faction I think. Unless you make him your command ship to boost your swarm of vultures.

    I think you want a Swarm. Vultures and Hyenas only become more powerful the more you have of them. If you buy 2 servants packs and 2 vultures or 2 hyenas, you have more than enough ships to make a viable swarm (and variety). You would be able to fly a Belballub (probably Sear, Grievous or Wat), a strong tactical relay (TA-175), and 6 vultures (or a mix of vultures and hyenas). That is super effective list.

    The ONLY thing that I think you want from the stand alone vulture pack (of which I have 3) is the buzz droids. They are super fun. I am also partial to the brown vulture droids myself.

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