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With the beginner’s guides completed it’s time for something new. The natural extension is to give some ideas on how to use the ships mentioned in those articles. But then I remembered…

When it comes to list building I’m not that great!

But I know other players. Who do I know that is good at list building, a decent player, and can clearly explain why things are good?

Oh I know, Oli Pocknell!

If you’re new, or don’t follow high level competitive X-Wing, Oli is the current World Champion. He’s also a previous Nordic Champion. So you could say he’s pretty good at X-Wing. We play at the same LGS (local game store), and we both went to Nordics in 2018. So I figured it was worth a try.

I wasn’t sure if he’d be up for going through my articles and then putting lists together for each faction. But he’s been a great sport and even given me a couple of lists! He’s written a blurb about each list to explain the thoughts behind it, which is extremely useful.

Today is the anniversary of Oli becoming the World Champion so it’s the perfect time to start this run or articles.

With that out the way lets get to it. These articles will be released in the same order as the buying guides, so it’s Rebels first. If you want to read my Rebel buying guide first you can find it here. As the guides were for newer players it’s only right that these articles are skewed that way too.

Rebel List 1

Rebellions are built on hope, but more importantly they’re built on red dice! The Rebel Alliance has no shortage of ships that bring the pain. It’s your job to make sure that something ends up in your cross hairs. This first list makes this hard for your opponents by bringing as many arcs as possible. Leia helps keep your ships in the fight by allowing them to turn those red K turns into white manoeuvre.

I think this is a great starter list for Rebel players. There aren’t many upgrades (one if you don’t count the X-Wing configurations) and that upgrade is super strong. Watching your opponent’s face drop when you spend those charges and k turn the X and B-Wings behind their ships and are still able to take actions is priceless. Just make sure you’re spending those charges at the right time to take full advantage.

I would send the X-Wings and B-Wing into the fray with Chewie ‘kiting’ around the edge of the board firing inwards. That way your opponent has to make a choice. Do they try to take out Chewie first, leaving the other three ships to get behind them or do they go for the rest and let Chewie chip away at them?

Rebel List 2

It wouldn’t be a Rebel list without talking about X-Wings and this list has the two most iconic X-wings in the game. Luke and Wedge, both loaded up with proton torpedoes, with Braylen Stramm in his B-Wing to finish off anything not yet space dust. This list jousts HARD. However it can get torn apart by some of the faster aces out there, or outgunned by mass swarms. It is a good one to learn how and where to engage your enemy and really make the most out of your ships.

Top tip with this one, do not forget Swarm Tactics! I’ve done that countless times and it can really change the outcome of a game. Not only will it allow Luke or Braylen to fire at I6, it also stops them being initiative killed before they fire if the opponent has a bid (spent less points than you in squad building so they choose to move and shoot first) because you treat them as I6 for the entire round.

Second tip, fire those torps! You could make it a secondary objective of sorts, it doesn’t feel great when a ship gets destroyed before getting these things away. As Oli mentioned above, think about where you want to engage, with torps range three is ideal as after firing them you’ve got a good chance of then slow rolling into range one the next round for another four dice shot.

Remember that you can fire the torps with your S-Foils closed. If you have a lock from a previous round keep in mind that you could potentially close the foils, do a focus into linked boost action then fire the torps.

When it comes to Braylen, you’ll see a lot of people using the new Stabilised S-Foils configuration with a cannon and Fire Control System. That’s great but if you don’t have the points he is still great with no upgrades, his ability is that strong.

There you go, a couple of solid lists from the one of the best players X-Wing has to offer. Don’t be shy, give these lists a go and learn with them. They’re both good fun, relatively simple, and will open up the game to you. Let me know what you think of them.

Huge thanks to Oli for lending us his time and thoughts. Not everyone can pick the brains of a World Champ so I’ll be sure to get some more thoughts from him. Look out for more soon!

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