World Champ Chat – Scum & Villainy

With the beginner’s guides completed it’s time for something new. The natural extension is to give some ideas on how to use the ships mentioned in those articles. But then I remembered…

When it comes to list building I’m not that great! So I asked my friend Oli Pocknell (the current World Champion no less) for his help and he obliged.

These articles will be released in the same order as the buying guides, so it’s the Scum today. If you want to read my Scum buying guide first you can find it here and if you missed Oli’s suggestions for the other factions you can find them here.

Scum List 1

Scum, Scum, Scum. Where do we start. This is probably the faction with the most possible lists. As you would expect from the dregs and bounty hunters of the world they are adaptable and tricksy. I will stick to the tried and tested but there is a LOT of depth in the faction if you want to explore it.

What you see here is a walking talking 1 man army. Boba Fett is in no way lean and very mean coming in at 118 points. He is however worth every penny and will very happily demolish over 50% of your opponents list on his own. He lives at range one and with all of his passive modifications (ones you don’t need to use an action for) he doesn’t really care if he crashes. It just means less return firepower followed by a proton bomb for the ship that tried to stop his rampage.

Oli covers Boba really well in the blurb above. Boba is fantastic and unless his points go up a fair bit he will always be meta-relevant (to steal a term from Hairy Nick!). The build Oli has made is pricey yes but he can deal out so much damage and has so many options to help him stay alive I can’t fault it. My top tip from what has been mentioned, passive mods are awesome and you should not underestimate them when list building.

I love the addition of two I1 Fang Fighters here, partly because I seem to do better when I’m flying lower iniative ships and partly because these guys can not only block but can pack some serious punch. Their linked actions (boost or barrel roll into a focus) is so good at low intiative as you don’t have to miss out on mods because you chose to get into a good blocking position. This could really help starve the enemy of actions letting Boba get on with his job; of killing everything!

Quick note, there are some upgrades cards mentioned here that you won’t find if you’ve used my buying guide (Proton Bombs, Hull Upgrade and Contraband Cybernetics). If you’re playing casual games then there’s nothing to worry about as you can proxy, especially if you’re only playing on Vassal or TTS! However. if you’re a stickler for only using stuff you own then swap these upgrades out for two I4 Fangs with Fearless.

Scum List 2

The other version of this list is the same boba with Fenn Rau to back him up instead of the two fangs. This is a solid list but definitely more the ‘expert’ version, as get it wrong with two ships and you’ll be hurting. The reward for this is seeing every ace opponent cry as they run screaming like a little girl from Fenn Rau as he chases them around the board with his 5 dice range one smackdown.

If you want to go ‘full ace’ then this is a great place to start. It’s the same Boba from above but replacing the two I1 Fangs with Fenn Rau at I6 really mixes things up. Now instead of blocking to deprive enemy ships of actions you’re using your high iniative to dodge attacks and destroy ships before they get a chance to return fire. Not much to add here to be honest and I’d only be going round in circles if I tried!

There you go, a couple of solid lists from the one of the best players X-Wing has to offer. Don’t be shy, give these lists a go and learn with them. Let me know what you think of them.

Huge thanks to Oli again for lending us his time and thoughts. Not everyone can pick the brains of a World Champ so I’ll be sure to get some more thoughts from him. Look out for more soon!


  1. I see Maul in both these card lists images…I am new to the game but even the links do not have him in the list nor a crew slot. What am I missing?

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