World Champ Chat – First Order

With the beginner’s guides completed it’s time for something new. The natural extension is to give some ideas on how to use the ships mentioned in those articles. But then I remembered…

When it comes to list building I’m not that great! So I asked my friend Oli Pocknell (the current World Champion no less) for his help and he obliged.

These articles will be released in the same order as the buying guides, so it’s the First Order today. If you want to read the buying guide first you can find it here and if you missed Oli’s suggestions for the other factions you can find them here.

First Order List 1

First Order have emerged as an ace faction. The recommended list that I’ve put together leans into that, however I will also add some honorable mentions for those of you who want to spend a little more on the faction and might want some off the wall lists. The first list is three solid aces that balance between face punching efficiency and arc dodging, with a little force to throw in for good measure.

This first list can punch you in the face really hard. I’m sure someone will correct me but I see “Holo” (he/she?) as the flanker here as coming into the first engagement you’ll want to keep your tokens. After that this list has a lot of blue maneuvers to draw from so any strain/deplete/stress tokens he picks up can easily be passed to another ship to be gotten rid off. With Proud Tradition also equipped, “Holo” can take a focus action whilst stressed (after a K-turn for example) to keep his efficiency up.

Kylo is super efficient with Advanced Optics. Again correct me if I’m wrong but the expected result from a three dice primary is hit, focus, blank. Roll in engagement with a focus, use Optics to change the blank to a hit then spend a force charge. Three hits, thanks very much.

Quickdraw wants to take damage, just one shield at a time per round if it can be helped to maximise those bonus shots. All the upgrades are there to make her shots as good possible.

One word. Efficiency.

First Order Lists 2 and 3

These next two lists are examples of what you can do if you are looking to spend a little more on the faction. I won’t explain how they work but both are more interesting avenues for the faction to take that aren’t just expensive aces.

At the start of 2020 this was one of ‘the’ lists that you needed to be weary of. There’s not a lot to it so I won’t labour the point. The SFs rock up, spend the Passive Sensors charge so when everything has moved they can decide who they want to lock, move their firing arc if need be with the linked action then light the target up with Homing Missiles. Once again, very efficient.

Epsilon x 8

I would say this is for the hardcore FO player, who else would buy eight TIE FOs?!?. When you think of a TIE swarm you think Imperial but these guys have a shield, can take locks, have a better dial and you can still have eight in a squad! Not sure these have ever been ‘in vogue’ as it were but it’s lots of guns with lots of blocking opportunities and could be good fun. Also, who doesn’t love how a TIE swarm looks on the table??

As with last week’s Republic article, I’d be remiss not to mention a ship that has been released since my buying guides came out. The Xi Shuttle is proving pretty popular, Commander Malarus being the standout at the moment it seems. Stick him in a squad with six Epsilons and you have some points left to flavour however you like.

There you go, some solid lists from the one of the best players X-Wing has to offer. Don’t be shy, give these lists a go and learn with them. Let me know what you think of them.

Huge thanks to Oli again for lending us his time and thoughts. Not everyone can pick the brains of a World Champ so I’ll be sure to get some more thoughts from him. Look out for more soon!

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