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With the beginner’s guides completed it’s time for something new. The natural extension is to give some ideas on how to use the ships mentioned in those articles. But then I remembered…

When it comes to list building I’m not that great! So I asked my friend Oli Pocknell (the current World Champion no less) for his help and he obliged.

These articles will be released in the same order as the buying guides, so it’s the Republic today. If you want to read my Republic buying guide first you can find it here and if you missed Oli’s suggestions for the other factions you can find them here.

Republic List 1

Republic have two main modes, full on aces and more beefy. This first squad utilises the full power of the jedi aces, with Anakin and Obi Wan loaded up with all the toys. You get a little torrent in here to act as a distraction or blocker. His main purpose is to shield the jedi and allow them to do their job of exploding everything in the enemy list. The large initiaive bid here will allow you to move second in almost all situations and dodge all of the incoming shots.

When you think of Jedi Starfighters (well when I do) high maneuverability and evasion come to mind. The Delta-7B title however mixes this up and turns the Aethersprite into more of a brawler, losing agility but adding offense and shields. For newer players this title is more forgiving than the Calibrated Laser Targeting (CLT) title too as there isn’t the need to get bullseye on an enemy to get the extra red die.

With an R5 Astromech aboard they are even more tanky as they can now repair critical damage that normally is not repairable (Structural Damage and Damaged Engine are the big two that spring to mind) and have two charges to remove a damage. Yes these are both actions but when Anakin and Obi-Wan have three force charges each you still have dice mod options.

As Oli mentions, the Torrent is there to be a nuisance, it’s main purpose to break up enemy lines and deny actions with bumping.

Republic List 2

The second of these two lists uses a more Beefy squad while still utilising the maneuverability of the jedi. Here, Obi Wan and Luminara are more support ships, allowing the clones to survive a lot of incoming firepower with his ability and still be around to finish off anything burning at the end of the game.

This second list has more going on with more ships and more abilities. CLT is very cheap compared to the 7B title and if flown well you still get the extra red die. In this list Obi-Wan’s ability could be used more to give a focus token to the lower initiative ships, meaning they can spend their original focus on defense and then have another to spend on offense.

Luminara’s ability can add to the survivability of the clones too by reducing the impact of attacks coming in. It could also make the opponent think about where they want to spend tokens. Those two dice attacks from the Torrents can start to add up if they are hanging around longer than usual.

Finally Wolffe is here to add some chonk to the squad with a good amount of HP and a big gun. It also has two arcs so it can continue firing on ships after disengaging.

I feel like there is a LAAT shaped hole in this article, due to the fact my buying guide was written before it was released!

Warthog seems the best to me and I’ll talk about that in my next ‘Built’ article. If you really wanted to get one of these guys in you could sub out Wolffe and Luminara and Warthog and Barriss Offee. That suddenly changes the second list to a more aggressive version with red rerolls and mods.

There you go, a couple of solid lists from the one of the best players X-Wing has to offer. Don’t be shy, give these lists a go and learn with them. Let me know what you think of them.

Huge thanks to Oli again for lending us his time and thoughts. Not everyone can pick the brains of a World Champ so I’ll be sure to get some more thoughts from him. Look out for more soon!

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