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With the beginner’s guides completed it’s time for something new. The natural extension is to give some ideas on how to use the ships mentioned in those articles. But then I remembered…

When it comes to list building I’m not that great! So I asked my friend Oli Pocknell (the current World Champion no less) for his help and he obliged.

These articles will be released in the same order as the buying guides, so it’s the Scum today. If you want to read my Resistance buying guide first you can find it here and if you missed Oli’s suggestions for the other factions you can find them here.

Resistance List 1

For the Resistance I have two lists for you to try. The first is the solid and dependable aces of the faction but you can fit in more of them than you may think. Two A-Wings and two T-70s all at initiative 5 and extremely manoeuvrable will give your opponent a headache! But do be careful, they are still fragile and if you put them in the wrong place they can explode just as easily as if you had a basic pilot.

A huge advantage of Resistance is that they have a lot of aces and a lot of pilots that do not rely on other ships to be great, such as Rebels. All four of these pilots operate completely independently from each other so you can mix up their attack angles without having to worry too much where the other ships are.

RZ-2 A-Wings man. Here we have Zizi and L’ulo who both have great abilities (like most RZ-2s) that really help their efficiency. What always gets me about them though is that movable firing arc. As I mentioned in the buying guide the ability to zoom in and get a great shot before moving past the enemy and firing backwards into them is fantastic as it keeps the pressure on. As Oli says above you do need to be careful as green dice can and will betray you, epecially when these don’t have Heroic to dig them out of a hole.

Both these X-Wings also have great abilities which you can leverage to get into some great positions and also have mods, two things that don’t neccessarily come hand in hand. This is due to the fact that they have both ways of managing stress so can pull advanced maneuvers without having to pay the penalty. For newer players I’ll give you a couple of examples below.

Nien performs a k-turn or talon roll. He lands at range one of an enemy ship with them in his firing arc so removes the stress he just took. He then performs an action when the vast majority of ships could not. That’s fantastic.

Ello performs a talon roll. As he doesn’t have a stress token that talon roll is white. As he doesn’t have a stress he could choose to focus into a linked barrel roll or use the Black One title to SLAM and still take a shot. Where’s he gonna end up? Nobody knows! Again, fantastic.

Resistance List 2

The second of the two lists is much more meaty. Making the most of the Resistance’s ability to put some really solid mid range ships on the board and dare the opponent to joust them. Chances are when the smoke clears, you will have quite a few beaten up ships remaining and your opponent won’t be quite so lucky…

The star of the show here really is Leia. She allows any of the X-Wings (or the shuttle she rode in on) to perform a red manoeuvre as a white move. Incredibly strong for getting behind your opponent after the initial joust.

Black Squadron x 3

There’s not a great deal I need to say about this second list. Three X-Wings at I4 feels decent. Cova with Leia on board gives you flexibility by either making a red move white for one of your ships or coordinating one of the X-Wings to get a double modded shot.

There you go, a couple of solid lists from the one of the best players X-Wing has to offer. Don’t be shy, give these lists a go and learn with them. Let me know what you think of them.

Huge thanks to Oli again for lending us his time and thoughts. Not everyone can pick the brains of a World Champ so I’ll be sure to get some more thoughts from him. Look out for more soon!

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