The Razor Crest built!

Before you go any further make sure you are up to date with The Mandalorian as there will be spoilers. I don’t want to tiptoe around things so there is your warning.

Still here? Cool. Just in case, here is a pic.

I’ve been mulling* this article over for a while now, but following the ship’s destruction now is the time to get it out there. My other option was to talk about Boba in the Firespray and how to beat him in X-Wing but there’s enough Slave I boners at the moment**.

*When I say mulling…..I actually mean opening the card creator, putting the same stats in and then getting distracted or falling asleep.

**including mine, it was so cool to see that weird-ass looking ship back!

So, what am I gonna do here?

With the ‘built’ series of articles going strong I thought I’d take it a step further and try to build the ship from scratch! It’s a matter of time before the Crest shows up in 2.0, with many believing it will show up in 2021. We’ll see how that pans out. Perhaps by then Din Djarin will be in a new ship…maybe. We shall see.

As with my normal built articles this is just my opinion on how this ship could be designed for X-Wing. Everyone will have their own views and I’m sure a lot of people have given it a go. I’ve specifically not looked for outside opinions as I don’t want to change my view. Let me know in the comments what your take is on it! I’m going to split this into the ship itself and then take a look at pilot options.

The Ship

My first consideration was the base size and I immediately thought medium base. Then I saw the episode where two T-65s (oh yeah baby) pull up alongside the Crest and it got me thinking if I was wrong.

Had I been thinking it was a much bigger ship? Are X-Wings bigger than I realise?? Thinking about it’s layout – three seats in the cockpit with the lower deck – a medium base is the right call. It may appear small, but medium base seems to have a lot of wiggle room (see LAAT), so we’d get used to it.

The Statline

Next, I thought about the statline. With those massive laser cannons jutting out the front a 4 dice primary attack did cross my mind. However, those only come with ships that have 1 or 0 agility and my Crest doesn’t have either of those so a 3 dice primary attack it is. We haven’t seen missile or torpedo launchers, turrets, or mines/bombs, so we’re going to stick to a primary attack. I’m also going to stick to the standard forward firing arc because those big cannons are not moving anywhere.

When it comes to the agility value this was pretty straightforward. I see the Crest as having the same agility as a Firespray so it gets two green dice. Before its demise, we do see it pull off some good moves so this seems fair.

For the health of the ship, I’ve gone for seven hull and three shields. Throughout the series, the ship has taken an absolute beating and for the most part, has kept going so ten HP overall feels about right. As with most Star Wars ships shields seem non-existent but it would feel odd not giving the ship any.

The Action Bar

I figured this out pretty early on and for me, it feels very thematic.

Every pilot gets the focus action unless they’re a droid so that’s a given. The lock action feels….right? With those big guns, you want the chance to get a juicy double modded shot so I’m gonna go with it.

Now we get to the theme. In the episode ‘The Prisoner’ (Chapter six) the Crest is used because of its jamming capabilities. We also see that when goes in to dock with the prison ship it pulls a very tight maneuver so a barrel roll into a red jam feels appropriate. It’s also unique! Lastly, as we have the red jam I think it’s fair to stick a white jam on there too without the option of barrel rolling first.

The Pilots

I’m going to assume you thought the statline was very standard stuff and not exciting. But, as Din Djarin has said a few times…”Wherever I go, he goes”. So with Djarin in the pilot seat, I have added a single force charge to give the effect of having Grogu on board.

To simulate little Grogu getting tired after using the force, this charge could only be used every other turn, though I’m not sure how you’d implement that mechanically. Djarin would have to be costed appropriately to balance him over other pilots.

Any other pilot flying this ship will not have the force charge. In fact, the only other pilot we see fly the ship is Q9-0.

We saw ‘Zero’ in episode six of season one where Mando joins up with a group of mercs for a prison break. Mando reluctantly agreed to let Zero pilot his ship as to board the space station they’d have to fly through its blind spot. As ‘Zero’ is a droid it would have the calculate action on the action bar instead of the focus action.

Other than Djarin and Zero we have not seen anyone pilot the Crest – and there’s no chance of seeing anyone else pilot it now – so if you have any ideas of who else I could use then let me know in the comments. I think the lowest number of pilots any ship in the game has is three (the K-Wing springs to mind) so one more pilot would be good.

Regarding pilot abilities, I just don’t have the brain for that. Again suggestions for pilot abilities would be much appreciated.

The Faction

I think this one is pretty straightforward although still not a great fit. The Razor Crest and its main pilot are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ like most characters in Star Wars. Djarin’s past occupation as a bounty hunter however definitely put him in the Scum and Villainy domain. I don’t like putting him there and I can’t put my finger on why but there are no other options.

The Conclusion

What you see above are the finished cards. The one thing I’ve yet to do is the dial. If anyone has a way of putting together a custom dial I’d really like to put one together to add it here.

So for now that’s the Razor Crest built!

I’d really like to know what you guys think. What have I got right? Got wrong? Have I nailed it or got it so completely wrong that I should hang my head in shame?!

If you’d like to read the other ‘built’ articles I’ve written you can find them here. Check out my YouTube channel if you’re that way inclined or see where Rogue Outpost began on Instagram.


  1. To reflect that the force charge is from Grogu not Din himself, you could have Din have 1 Standard Charge instead. You could then give him the pilot ability of spending 1 Standard Charge to gain 1 Force token. Then additional ability of spending 1 Standard Charge & 1 Force token for the standard effect of spending a Force charge. This would have the additional effect of limiting his ability to generate Force to alternate turns.

  2. Re: Grogu – I think you have a built in caveat that his force cannot alter dice and he has a 2 charge ability that recovers once per turn ….

    Maybe the ability is dual sided (nice / evil grogu) and you have to decide in the systems phase if you want grogu to be able to alter attack or defense dice.

    I agree – other pilots is a tough one – is there any accompanying media (comics, tie in novels etc.) that we can pull in from?

  3. I think a great idea is simply to have a non-recurring force charge. Grogu can do a little, once, and then he’s all petered our.

  4. I think Grogu should take a crew slot and be a separate upgrade. Just because Mando doesn’t go anywhere without him, doesn’t mean he’s the same person.

    I also think seven hull and three shields is a bit high. I’d say 6 hull 2 shields.

    Scum is fine for faction, he’s a bounty hunter. They aren’t all “EVIL”, they’re just all out for themselves.

    Throw in a generic I2 pilot, and a pretty average dial, and I think you’re about set.

  5. Should have a title card – Mandos Razorcrest.

    I think it should have Grogu giving a force
    If no one in front arc, and a shot from the back should get an extra defense die – due to the ships resilience in the show

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