X-Wing Miniatures – Every Sith Infiltrator Built!

In this ‘built’ series of articles I will take a specific ship and build out every pilot. I will try to take into account the ship itself, any pilot abilities and the lists they would form a part of.

The articles I do in this series are picked by my Patrons! I put a poll up with a list of ships to choose from and I’ll run with whatever the winner is. This time the Sith Infiltrator won out.

As always this is just my opinion, if you have other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Some pilots will be just fine on their own; I won’t add upgrades just for the sake of it. I’ll go through the pilots in ascending initiative order.

If you’d like to read the other ‘built’ articles I’ve written you can find them here.

Dark Courier

Lets start with something I’d consider ‘janky’, purely because no one plays the Dark Courier. I feel like that it could be an OK support ship that can dish out some damage. With that in mind I’ve added Kraken so friendly ships can keep hold of their calculate tokens between rounds.

I’ve also added DRK-1 Probe Droids to help out the squad. Launch these little guys early to help with acquiring locks before you engage. With this in mind I’ve also stuck some Advanced Proton Torps because….well because it’s lairy (for everyone outside of the UK, give that a Google).


O-66 is two points cheaper than the Dark Courier but is I3, one initiative higher. An interesting choice to be sure. Yes I know calculate is weaker than focus but 66 has an ability too. At 49 points (at the time of writing) it’s a super cheap way of getting a large base ship with a big gun on the board.

The ability means you’ll be taking a calculate token most of the time to enable it, but that’s only the beginning. I can see a few good options once 0-66 has been shot.

  1. With one green die we know we’re taking damage so why not try to be a nuisance instead? Get shot and spend the calculate to barrel roll. This could lead to getting a good shot on a better target or put that large base somewhere the opponent doesn’t want it. With that in mind, adding Expert Handling makes the barrel roll white so you’re not stitching yourself up for the next round. A barrel roll into an S-Loop or K-Turn the next round feels pretty spicy!
  2. Exchange that calculate for a lock to power up your return shot more.
  3. Use the jam action found on the Scimitar title and remove an evade or focus token from an enemy that is waiting to fire at you.

As I like to say, it gives you lots of options. 0-66’s ability is a bit like Passive Sensors, in that you choose which action to take after all ships have moved. Obviously you have to defend first so the enemy could just ignore you but a large base with one agility is an appealing target.

Count Dooku

I had trouble with Dooku until I reread his card text for the millionth time and realised that he can remove his cloak token after he’s defended. So that means he can defend with two green dice, spend a force to remove that cloak, attack and then spend another force to perform an action…….which could be to cloak. Hello cheeky!

You can also remove a red token (stress/deplete/strain/lock) which could come in very handy but that’s not as much fun to talk about.

You’ll quickly become force starved doing these shenanigans so I’ve added Palpatine to add a fourth force charge. The Senate also gives you the option to stress a ship at range 0-2 that’s just attacked you. He also gives you the coordinate action so other ships can benefit.

Hate plays very well into Dooku’s ability as they both occur after Dooku has defended. Once again, options.

Darth Maul

Three force charges at I5? Yes please! A nice ability too, giving you a shot at a second target, or the same target again if you whiff. With this build I’ve gone very offensive with torps, the title and Hate. My friend James pointed out that you can decloak boost, take a lock and fire those torps on an unsuspecting target. Sounds like great fun! And after that you can still perform a second attack if you have the force charges available, fantastic! If you’re being this aggressive then you’re gonna be taking damage so Hate helps here, getting those force charges back.

I’ve added Grievous here because as mentioned damage will be taken so why not try to mitgate that a little? Grievous is only three points afterall. Fill the rest of the list with Vultures so you can recharge Grievous and you’re all set.

Before this article is released I’m going to try this build in my local TTS league. Here’s how it went…..

This ship is my jam! Automatically felt at home flying it with five I1 Vultures. I managed to get both torps off and Hate was fantastic. Will definitely be using it again.

That’s every Sith Infiltrator built. Let me know if you agree or not and share your builds in the comments.

If you’d like to get involved with choosing the articles I write you can find my Patreon here.

Until next year!

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