X-Wing Miniatures – Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack Leak? Part 3

So after Part 1 where I discussed which ships could be in this pack and Part 2 where I discussed what I’d like to see, we now have some details. Huzzah!


Ok so we don’t have loads of details but it’s a good jumping off point for more speculation. In this part I’m going to delve into our new B-Wing.

Hera Syndulla

Hera in a B-Wing, nailed it! I love the character in Rebels so I’m really pleased to see more of her in the game. She’s also now the correct initiative as far as I’m concerned. Her ability is very different to what we’ve seen her with before; her ‘old’ ability would have been interesting but this support ability fits in well with the overall Rebel theme and her role as Phoenix Leader. But does it fit the role of the ship itself? I’ll get to that later.

When looking at her ability the first thing I think is ‘She needs more tokens’. With that in mind I automatically think of Dutch, Jake and Kyle as support options. Lets break these down.

Before I do I want to say this. You can easily run her as ‘just’ an I6 B-Wing, nothing wrong with that. In fact being I6 is probably the big deal here and not her ability.


Dutch – Can provide a lock from range 1-3 . Aside from the obvious benefit of enabling Hera to take a lock for herself, you could potentially conga line a lock past range 5. It’s niche but Dutch could let Hera take a lock at range 3 who could pass that lock onto a friendly at range 2 the other side of her. He also keeps a lock for himself too.

Jake – After boosting or barrel rolling a friendly at range 0-1 can take a focus action. Jake is one of the best pieces in the Rebel faction, we can all agree on that. However I’m not sure he’s the best option here. Purely because the A-Wing is the fastest Rebel ships and the B-Wing one of the slowest. Better pilots than me may not find it a problem but I would have trouble keeping them near to each other.

Countering what I just said, a big plus point is that at I4 Jake could enable Hera to focus into a linked barrel roll before her activation. Hera could then perform a blue move, clear the stress from the linked action and take a lock. Doing a barrel roll before her activation can change her attack vector as well getting her out of incoming shots.

Kyle – Can pass a focus token to a ship in his firing arc. In the current meta Kyle would be at the bottom of the pile (it’s all about Jan). I think he’s a great option as with the right build he’s a mix of Dutch and Jake. He can engage with multiple focus tokens, passing one off and still having plenty for himself. His ability also means he can pass a focus token to Hera all the way out from range 3. With Engine Upgrade and Jyn Erso crew he can make sure he’s in the right spot and could also pass an evade token instead if you need to make sure you don’t take a hit.


Speculation time! The B-Wing we’re getting is in the ‘Blade Wing Prototype’ scheme we saw in Rebels which Hera flew. So I’m very confident that we’ll be getting a version of the composite beam laser system. It may not be the super strong weapon I talked about in Part 2 but it should still pack a decent punch. I’ve cooled on it being a bullseye arc weapon with five dice and huge cool down periods, even though I think that’s how it should be. I don’t think FFG will have wanted to rock the boat quite that much. Let me know how you think it could work in the comments.

An epic version of the weapon could be costed more effectively and batsh*t crazy…

Aside from the weapon though, what else could we see? A big difference between the standard B-Wing and Prototype is the inclusion of a gunner station on the opposite end of the Prototype. Could we see the inclusion of a gunner? I don’t see why not although we would need some new gunners that would, you know, actually be useful. At the moment we have either Suppressive Gunner or Weapons Systems Officer, neither of which are particularly useful here. Sabine gunner maybe?

  • Swarm Tactics is never a bad idea for I6 pilots if you have the points spare.
  • As with the other named B’s, the configuration plus Autoblasters is strong.
  • How about a torpedo? You can fire the torp and depending how the first roll goes you can keep it to pass onto a friendly.


Is the jump in initiative worth more than either Ten or Braylen’s pilot abilities? In this case, I don’t think so. Wedge at I6 in the T-65 is 54 points with an amazing ability. Ten and Braylen are both I4 and have cracking abilities that play nicely into the B-Wing’s linked actions. They are 48 and 52 points respectively. Hera’s ability is more situational and is not ‘jousty’. which is what you expect the B-Wing to do. I laughed when my friend Greg said her ability should read: “You’re initiative is equal to your printed initiative value”. Correct me if I’m wrong but I get the impression he’s not a fan already…

I see her coming in as slightly more expensive than Braylen, maybe 54 points. This is purely because a lot of ships/pilots come into the game only for their cost to be reduced down the line. At some point we might see her come down to about 50 points.

Do you agree with anything I’ve said? Am I talking complete nonsense? Do you have your own ideas on what you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

There’s very likely going to be a Part 4 to this so stay tuned.

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  1. “Aside from the obvious benefit of passing Hera a lock for herself…” I think you’re reading Hera’s ability wrong. She can pass her tokens to *other* ships. Not the other way around (i.e., Dutch can’t pass Hera a lock).

    • Dutch’s ability is that he can enable a friendly ship to take a lock on the ship he locked. I just worded it poorly when I wrote ‘passing a lock’, Hera would actually take the lock herself. I’ll change it around!

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