X-Wing Miniatures – Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack Leak? Part 4

Following Part 3 of what has now become a series we have more details on this pack following the FFG article ‘Reinforcements of Renown’ released Monday 15th February.

Having looked at them, me like. Lets go through them.

Hera – A-Wing Pilot.

So as a lot of people speculated we’ve got Hera in the A-Wing at I6 with the same ability she has in the B-Wing. Off the bat I see two advantages for her in the A over the B. She’ll be able to pass evade tokens easier (who flips the B-Wing config?!) and you’ll care less about passing a mod on as she’s not in a heavy hitter like a B.

Being the first Rebel ship at I6 that regularly takes missiles…how about Mag-Pulse Warheads? The chance to deplete and jam a target before they fire looks fantastic and would fit a jousting list very nicely. At five points on a cheaper ship like the A-Wing it’s not going to break the bank either.

She’ll also be a lot cheaper in the RZ-1. You can treat her as an I6 coordinate boat that can zoom around, keep out of trouble and shoot backwards which leads me to…

Vectored Cannons (RZ-1)

If you count me saying in Part 2 that we need more high initiative pilots I’m two for two on A-Wings, woop.

A big draw of the Resistance RZ-2s is the ability to disengage and still fire. Now us Rebel players can do that too! I haven’t got a lot to say about this at the moment. The Rebels as a faction have been in what I’d call a rut for some time now so this gives a new dimension to their play which is nice to see. Taking this does mean that you lose the Vectored Thrusters ship ability, losing some of the ship’s famous agility so there is a question to ask. The config is also standardised so if one A-Wing takes it, they all have to. It’s a very welcome question I’d say.

I think Starbird Slash will now be stapled to any RZ-1 that has the config as it’s no longer a choice to either strain an enemy ship by flying over them or staying in front to attack them.

Other A-Wing Thoughts

With the addition of at least two more (Hera at I6 and Wedge at I4) and this new configuration I can definitely see players trying out 5xRZ-1 lists. Just between Hera and Jake there are a lot of shennanigans to be had with token sharing.

I think there’s a strong possiblity we’ll see Ahsoka as a pilot too as we do see her briefly fly an A-Wing in Rebels. If her pilot ability is anything like her Aethersprite ability that’ll be awesome and mean further token shennanigans! Her ability reads:

After you fully execute a maneuver, you may choose a friendly ship at range 0-1 and spend 1 . That ship may perform an action, even if it is stressed.

We’d be looking at Rebels Ahsoka too so she’ll have at least two force tokens. She could use her ability to pass an action and still have double mods with remaining force charge and whichever action she takes herself. I see her being I4 or I5; she’s no Hera but she’d have picked up a lot from her old master, Anakin.

I haven’t mentioned Sabine yet either. Yes she’s down there at I3 but her Attack Shuttle ability would be sooo good on this chassis. Having seen Hera change abilities for this pack though I wouldn’t be surprised if Sabine’s ability changed too. Maybe they will lean into the whole Mandalorian arc she has in the show. An A-Wing with Concordia Faceoff anyone?

Tierfon Belly Run

This is a nice surprise! It certainly adds some spice to a ship that doesn’t really see play outside of Dutch and the occassional Norra. You’ve still got the problem of possibly taking damage by being range 0 of an obstacle and you can’t take an action. However, it adds a lot of flexibility if you already have a lock. Hopping onto a rock and still firing a torp or a turret turns into a quasi-Hyena.

The second piece of text on the card is not to be ignored too. Stopping any dice modification to incoming attacks is a big plus point to a ship that has a single agility.

B6 Blade Wing Prototype

Three for three! FFG mentioned that there are going to be two versions of this Prototype card, this one being the Epic version. It’s pretty strong too. If three uncancelled crits goes through it’s actually five crits going through. That’s insane. We’ll see how it’s dumbed down for the Standard play version, for sure it’ll be limited to range three. I would put money on it still adding the gunner slot and can see it taking up both cannon slots, possibly the mod slot too.

Do you agree with anything I’ve said? Am I talking complete nonsense? Do you have your own ideas on what you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

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