RO Weekly League Season One – Week Three Round Up

In these round ups I’ll be giving a very quick breakdown of the factions used and pointing out any interesting lists (to me at least).

The theme of week three was ‘Your list must include an I5 or I6 pilot along with a generic version of the same ship’. No cheeky questions this week from any of the players surprisingly!

This week the Empire is top of the pile with seven lists. Rebels jumped back up alongside the Republic and Scum with five lists each. The Resistance were next with three lists, Separatists had two and FO had one.

X-Wings had a great showing this week which I’ll always enjoy seeing. Eighteen T-65s and T-70s showed up to play, with Wedge being the stand out choice for the high initiative pilot. Soontir and Alpha Squadron pilots appeared a few times, nice to see them show up before they get their new injection of pilots next month.

Something else I’ve noticed is the abundance of four and five ship lists since the start of the league. I think that might have to be addressed. Anyone that’s seen any recent GSP Flight Club videos will know what I’m thinking.

It’s pretty close at the top of the league at the moment but Fergus Graham is currently leading the pack after three weeks. His Rebel list is star of the week.


Luke Skywalker T-65 X-wing (67)
Ion Torpedoes + “Chopper” + Servomotor S-foils
Wedge Antilles T-65 X-wing (56)
R4 Astromech + Servomotor S-foils
Red Squadron Veteran T-65 X-wing (42)
R4 Astromech + Servomotor S-foils
Jake Farrell RZ-1 A-wing (34)

This is a pretty standard Rebel four-ship list but what can I say, I’m a fan! Jake is practically a must-have for Rebels at this point, he’s so efficient. Wedge and his little sidekick Red Squadron both have R4s to give them more blue options after the k-turn or talon roll. Luke doesn’t care about such things because force and has the cheeky “Chopper”/Ion Torps combo I mentioned in my X-Wing built article here.

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