X-Wing Miniatures Pilots and Upgrades. Did you know? Part 3

There’s a ridiculous amount of upgrades in X-Wing. If you’re one of those people that has an encyclopedic knowledge of them all, that’s great! But I’m willing to bet that a lot of us struggle to recall what everything does, especially when it comes to faction-specific upgrades.

I wanted to go a bit deeper than that though. Some upgrades have an obvious use, but when you put your thinking cap on have much more utility. These upgrades are what I’m going to mention here.

This first one has come up a lot recently but it’s worth mentioning again.

Did you know Foresight and Snap Shot can be used in the engagement phase?

The phrase “after an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against it as a bonus attack” allows the attack to be used as a bonus attack under the specified circumstances, but does not disqualify it from being used during the Engagement Phase.

The above passage is taken directly from the FFG FAQ, I couldn’t make it any clearer.

This means that you can use the ‘Attack’ clause on Foresight to mod your shot if you have no mods. Note you have to follow the rules of the card, so in Foresight’s example it’s bullseye requirement.

I mentioned Han’s ablity in Part 1 and how good it is. Well, did you know that one of the few things that can stop his ability is “Midnight” or Omega Leader for those of us from First Edition?

Her ability prevents dice modification. Because Han Solo’s ability is a dice modification effect, “Midnight” prevents it from being used. Note this is only when “Midnight” is attacking or defender against Han, no other circumstances.

Did you know you can chain mutliple copies of Swarm Tactics? I’ve been asked this a couple of times recently since mentioning it in an article and it’s come up on the Fly Better Podast Facebook page too.

If you had three copies of Swarm Tactics in a list for example they would all trigger at the same time (start of engagement). It’s down to the player which order they are resolved. Note it only works at range one, not range zero.

Did you know that if you add Elusive and Chopper to Porkins he can do punishment-free k turns and talon rolls infinitely?

Porkins does a red move, takes a stress. He then rolls a red die to remove that stress. If he rolls a hit result he takes a hit. Now he doesn’t have a stress he can take an action so he uses Chopper to spend the Elusive charge to gain back a shield.

It’s sooo niche but it’s a cute trick.

There are lots more of these but I need your help to find them all! Let me know in the comments what abilities and interactions I can mention here in the future.

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Until next time, pilots!

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  1. With Foresight, during Engagement, an enemy ship is Tractored in front of your Bullseye, could you do a bonus attack?

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