The Price of an Ace: Ciena’s Cost

Greetings, Rogues! Rogue Three here with another look into Skystrike, this time at Ciena Ree and her cost.

I won’t deny that at first glance, I was pretty disappointed with Ciena. As an ace player I was really hoping for an alternative to Soontir, and I was distraught to read that she gained stress when destroying enemies. I lamented this for quite a few days. Now that the initial disappointment has worn off, however, I am beginning to look into Ciena and in what ways we can apply her to Imperial listbuilding.

She is going to be highly dependent on points, more so than most other pilots. You see, since her ability is, for the most part, a negative (even the developers note it as such), this means that she NEEDS to be cheap in order to see play. She will be competing with Soontir’s spot, whether she likes it or not, and will need to be priced in a manner where this is a choice rather than a no-brainer: Soontir will win by default as choice pilot unless Ciena is discounted aggressively.

With this information, we can start to estimate roughly how much she will cost. Primarily, we need to base her against her two peers who have already been released: Saber Squadron Ace (36 points) and Soontir Fel (54 points). While Soontir is most people’s go-to in estimating her price, seeing as they are both I6 on the same platform, we need to remember two big factors:

  • Soontir has passive token generation (which comes in as a premium to his cost).

From this, we can safely estimate that Ciena will be at the very least under 50 points. Soontir being able to passively generate focus tokens is worth well more than 4 points, arguably even 6 points. This drops our hypothetical Ciena cost down to approximately 48. Then we subtract her ability: double-stressed interceptors die quickly, and her ability can lead into that situation if not careful. She requires a careful playstyle and must avoid kill shots.

Since her ability is a negative, but avoidable, I think it is safe to say we can subtract an additional 2 points from her cost, but not much more as she still has the positive of being able to remove a stress if a friendly is destroyed. She also wants to be able to run alongside swarms of fighters so that she has a better chance of removing stress and also has other craft to perform the killing blow.

Therefore, I think we can safely put Ciena at 44-46 points, 8-10 points more than a Saber squadron generic. What these 8-10 points give you are 2 more initiative value and a negative ability, well worth the price in my opinion.

What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts and we can see who is closest to guessing her cost correctly when her points are released at the end of the month!


  1. I think she’ll be priced not as an *alternative* to soontir, but as a companion. My best guess in that context is 48-49 points.

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