The Price of Support: Ahsoka’s Cost

Following Justin’s article about the cost of Ciena Ree, I wanted to take a look at Ahsoka in the A-Wing to see if we can draw some conclusions on her cost.

The first thing people are noticing about Ahsoka are those three force charges. For good reason I’d say too. After that it’s probably her intiative and her pilot ability. It’s all quite a lot to take in so lets dive in a little.

This is how the Force works!

Three force charges gives Ahsoka a huge amount of flexibility. She can concentrate more on taking actions that aren’t a focus; giving her the option to use the classic barrel roll/boost combo that aces love, something you don’t see with Rebels which will be a nice addition. She could just decide to live forever and be a points fortress, hanging out at range three.

It also gives her enough charges for a big blow out; one round she can use her ability and still have a charge to mod herself. And because she’s an A-Wing she could still easily bug out the next turn with a focus and boost using Vectored Thrusters.

Anyone think it’s odd the A-Wings we’re getting are green??

I don’t have a jazzy sub-title here, make your own

With Ahsoka and Hera we finally get what Rebel players have been clamouring for, A-Wing aces. Curiously though they both have support abilities. We can agree right now that Ahsoka’s ability is much better than Hera’s yes? Good. It has so much more flexibility and doesn’t rely on her not spending a token for herself. Hera’s ability is that she’s I6 and sometimes you can pass a token on.

The downside of RZ-1 Ahsoka over Aethersprite Ahsoka is that she can’t use her ability on herself. The upside is that the ability extends out to range two. I feel the upside outways the downside here, definitely something to keep in mind. Persoanlly I’m really looking forward to flying her alongside ‘old’ Wedge but that’s an article for another time.

A-Wing at I5 = super good.

The old ‘Compare and Contrast’

Now we’ve looked at all that good stuff, lets cut to it. Clone Wars Ahsoka (43 points) has broadly the same ability and the same overall HP. She has a purple evade which as far as I’m aware rarely gets used but Fine-Tuned Controls is really nice. However she is only I3 which doesn’t matter too much for her ability but puts her firmly in the support bracket.

The Grand Inquisitor (52 points) has the same stat bar but one less force. He has the same actions available to him but has both barrel roll and boost into linked focus actions. He’s also the same iniatiative but his ability is purely selfish, although that’s not a bad thing.

43 points
52 points

Ahsoka is going be expensive for an A-Wing, simple as that. My view is that she’s a fair bit stronger than Aethersprite Ahsoka, easily six to eight points more expensive. But, on paper she has less options than the Grand Inq. Those linked actions are just so strong. so I don’t think she’ll be more than 52 points. Would FFG/AMG break the fifty point barrier with an A-Wing?

Much like Justin did in his Ciena Ree article, I’m going to go for a three point range and that range is between 49 and 51 points. She’s going to be in a huge amount of Rebel lists going forward…if you can spare the points over old faithful Jake…which I would suggest you do. I’m positive there is a lot I’m skirting over or missing here but more than anything it’s a conversation starter.

What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts and we can see who is closest to guessing her cost correctly when her points are released next week!

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