RO Weekly League Season One – Week Six Round Up

In these round ups I’ll be giving a very quick breakdown of the factions used and pointing out any interesting lists (to me at least).

The theme of week six was ‘Each game this week must use the ‘Continuous Bombardment’ environment card. Your list can only include one ship at initiative three or higher’. Queue questions about the devices being friendly to you and fuses.

Unfortunately a few of the games couldn’t be completed this due to illness so the breakdown is a little skewed. No Separatist lists this week. Every other faction showed up three times apart from Scum that edged it with four appearances. All the games this week were close, the first four games that were played all finished with no more than twelve points between players. Not sure if that was down to the theme having two separate components but it’s nice to see lots of competitive games.

The star of this week is Klaas’s First Order squad!


Starkiller Base Pilot (58)
Tractor Beam (4)

Lieutenant Dormitz (66)
General Hux (6)
Tractor Beam (4)

Starkiller Base Pilot (58)
Tractor Beam (4)

I actually flew against these Upsilons myself this week and it’s nasty! Dormitz meant that the Starkiller Base pilots started much closer to me than I appreciated and Hux enables him to coordinate both of them too. I feel like I had a pretty good counter to them (Wedge with Plasmsa and two E-Wings with AP-5) but the sheer amount of firepower these Upsilons bring is scary. Great blockers too with that stop.

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  1. Just an FYI, deploying Upsilons at range two of Dormitz is no longer allowed. He received an errata in the last rules update and now reads: “Setup: After you are placed, other friendly small ships can be placed anywhere in the play area at range 0-2 of you.” So while it’s cool that Tripsilons can be a thing again, only small ships can be placed at range 0-2 of Dormitz.

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