RO Weekly League Season One – Week Eight Round Up

So after eight weeks of fourteen games a week, Season One is complete!

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The theme of week eight was ‘Using the Multi-Faction tool on YASB your list must include ships from at least two factions’. As we had the points available for the new ships I let everyone use them before too just to make list building even more crazy!

Instead of talking about the faction breakdown this week (the theme being multi-faction makes this super difficult) I thought I’d look where the players hailed from. Rather predictably we had twleve players from the UK follwed by four from Germany. We then had three from the States and two from both Australia and the Netherlands. Rounding it out our one player each from France, Belgiium, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.

I was personally super pleased with the spread here with only one game running into issues because of timezone differences. It was great to see so many players from all over the world get involved and some of the guys are still talking now and playing games. Making new friends is a massive part of X-Wing so it warms this old man’s heart.

Going into this last week it was basically between two players taking the title. Would it be Nic of Firestorm fame who pratically led from the start or would it be Mark Boorman of Watcher Squadron?

I’m not going into loads of details here (I’m ill and tired) but after nearly eight weeks of being top Nic lost to Klaas in a very tense game and Mark won his game against Pond (Nic’s teammate!), both going 7-1 but Mark pinching it with his better MoV. Some of the other players even watched Nic’s last game adding to the tension, a fantastic finish to what’s been a fantastic inaugural season.

Mark won a T-65 expansion courtesy of The Jedi Archives, a free paintjob of said T-65 from Enigma Wargaming, LEGO pilot card set courtesy of Geoff Sanders and the APSF, an official alt-art and acrylic charge tokens from Buy The Same Token.

With Season One it’s time for me to chill out for a few weeks and concentrate on other things. But if you think there aren’t plans afoot for Season you’d be very wrong! Look for out more details in a few weeks’ time for details of dates and prizes, I think you’ll be pleased. The players have given me their feedback from Season One which I’ll be taking onboard so expect Season Two to be even better.

If you’d like to get involved with choosing the articles I write here and support Rogue Outpost you can find my Patreon here. Until next time, pilots!

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