Who knew that Selfless is great?!

I’m not a player that sticks with a list for long. I’m too much of a fidget and my head always gets turned by the next shiny thing that I see on a stream. The last list I used extensively was back in First Edition, a list affectionately called Scruff Squadron. That list used three Rookie T-65s and Braylen in the ARC-170 with R3-A2 (aka the Stressbot). It was a decent list that did pretty well for me. Maybe in the future I’ll look at ways of replicating Scruff in Second Edition but now is not that time.

Fast forward three years and I’m starting to settle down with a new list. Well, the beginnings of a new list at least. And look, this list has three X-Wings in it too.

Wedge Antilles (54) with Plasma Torpedoes (7) and Servomotor S-Foils (0)

Red Squadron Veteran (40) with Selfless (2) and Servomotor S-Foils (0)

Red Squadron Veteran (40) with Selfless (2) and Servomotor S-Foils (0)

Total: 145

Hands up if you completely slept on Selfless since the start of Second Edition but now that it’s two points you’ve tried it and discovered it’s decent?

Just me? Oh.

At this point, a quick FYI. This post is as much about Selfless as it is about what I’m flying at the moment.

As with a lot of my list building I started with Wedge. Because Wedge. We know he’s here for a good time, not a long time and that’s cool as it’s how I prefer to play. But what if he hung around just that little bit longer? Just one or two more rounds to really stick the boot in? Sounds good doesn’t it. Enter, the Red Squadron Veteran with Selfless.

These guys seem innocuous enough. Two I3 X-Wings have never set the world alight. Why would you take Red Squad Vets when you can take Blue Squadrons or Zealots and save 2 points a ship? The answer is the talent slot. Adding Selfless turns these guys into nasty little damage sponges. Wedge will always be the target because he is the big gun. People see him and conclude they have to destroy him ASAP, which is right! If left unchecked he can put so much damage in. So when I go for the joust (because I always go for the joust) players will focus fire into him. This leaves the Reds to get some work done. Even when someone tries to have a go at one of the Reds, the other Red can still Selfless a crit away.

That for me, is the crux of why Selfless is strong. It messes with target selection and enables your big hitter to stay around that little bit longer. Just don’t expect them to live forever. In most of my games using these three Wedge still dies, just a turn or two later. But those couple of rounds can make all the difference.

Now, this can still go super sideways. The obvious drawback of Selfless is that is can only draw crits away from Wedge. If the opponent doesn’t roll any crits and just rolls a tonne of hits, you’re still in trouble. This is not always going to work. But when it does…oh yeah baby. Watch your opponent’s face drop (or listen to the groan over Discord) when Wedge tanks a few shots and comes out the round having just lost his shields or even taken no damage at all.

The other drawback is the range one restriction. It means that you have to fly the ships close together. For someone like me who likes to fly their ships in formation it’s not a problem but others could find it frustrating. The trick I’ve found using these three ships specifically is when to break formation. This can make or break a game, no doubt about it. Opponents get used to the formation so expect things to go a certain way but then the X-Wings scatter and they’ve suddenly got ships firing from multiple directions instead of the one.

It’s been pointed out that Selfess B-Wings might do this job better. Afterall they do have two more shields to soak up those crits. I did give it a go but came to two conclusions:

  1. With Wedge being the spearhead and my propensity to go fast I need my Selfless sponges to keep up. The B-Wings can’t always do that.
  2. 6HP behind two green dice just felt better to me than 8HP behind one green die. I don’t know the actual maths behind it but to me at least it generally balances out.

Regarding Selfless, that’s it!

For anyone that’s thinking of trying these guys, I’ve taken to using Plasma Torps with Wedge. Firstly, they’re relatively cheap. Secondly, as with Proton Torps, it’s a good option for firing off at range three instead of taking a primary attack as the enemy doesn’t get a range bonus. Putting that alongside Wedge’s ability only makes the torp stronger.

Thirdly, the effect of the torp itself. Plasmas are fantastic at stripping shields; as long as the torp hits that ship is losing two shields at least. Wedge firing at I6 is perfect as enemy ships are more likely to have shields at that point. An added benefit is that Wedge is teeing up the Red Squad Vets to finish the job.

You might be wondering about the remaining 55 points. I’ve been wondering about that too. I’ve tried a few different combos but I’ll talk about them in another article. If you’ve read my Ahsoka article however then you’ve got a fair idea what I’ll be flying with my X-Wings next.

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