What I’d Like To See In X-Wing – Part 1

We’ve all done it. Let our minds wander and thought about which ships we’d like in X-Wing. To be fair, once FFG released the K-Wing all bets were off. That ship be damn ugly (though it’s no Star Fortress). Having gone that far into ‘Legends’, nothing is off the table.

So as a bit of fun, I thought I’d throw some out in front of the court of public opinion. A little bit of backstory, some possible stats, and maybe even some pilots!

YT-2000 – Otana

TIE Fighter is an all-time favourite game of mine. X-Wing Alliance was a pretty tasty follow up. Focusing on the Azzameens, we were introduced to their trusty Corellian YT, the Otana.

Usually I’d whine about how Legends could not get away from certain ideas. Trying to clone Han Solo and the Falcon got us Rendar and the Outrider after all. But this is a cool looking ship! The key I think is fitting it in-between the 1300 and 2400. Tricky spot. Size wise it’s in the middle, with it’s lore from X-Wing Alliance giving it upgraded shields/hull/weapons. Feels like an Otana title doesn’t it?

Stats – 3/2/5/5

Faction – Rebel and Scum

Actions – Focus, Lock, Roll, Turret

Upgrade Bar – Crew, Gunner, Illicit, Modification, Title (Otana?)

Pilots – Tomaas Azzameen, Galin Azzameen, Ace Azzameen, MK-09, Aeron Azzameen

GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat



It’s really weird looking! But it’s a name that has always stuck in mine and Rogue Leader’s heads. With a rotating pair of stabiliser fins, which look tacked on but make the ship look so unique, it’s an odd duck for sure. But it’s also a beast.

Stats – 3/2/4/2

Faction – Empire and Scum

Actions – Focus, Lock, Barrel Roll

Upgrade Bar – Modification, Talent, Gunner, System

Pilots – Imperials Customs Officer, Imperial Sector Ranger, Kir Kanos, Zann Consortium, Talon Karrde

Missile Boat

We all love the Assault Gunboat. How long was that thread on the FFG Forums? Eventually we got it! So where’s our Missile Boat!

We’re absolutely talking about the sleek version found in TIE Fighter by the way, and not the straight up chonk found in X-Wing Alliance. A counter to my beloved Defender, the Missile Boat relied heavily on warheads. It also, like the Gunboat, used SLAM. You could perhaps argue that the Gunboat configs cover this off, but I’d want to lean alllll the way into the concept. A piss-poor laser but secondary weaponed up the wazoo.

So a whole one red die on the primary, but all the printed words making locks and firing ze missiles easier and quicker. No reloading here either.

Stats – 1/3/3/3

Faction – Empire

Actions – Focus, Lock, Slam

Upgrade Bar – Modification, 2 x Missile, Torpedo, Talent, System, Config

Pilots – Alpha 1, Tau 1, Mu 1 – Maarek Stele

So then, there’s some ideas for what we could see in X-Wing. Come on AMG you cowards!

Pssst. Yeah you there.

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  1. The missile boat needs the reload action to be viable. You would also need to give it an interesting ship ability, otherwise, it stands no chance against the gunboat with the arsenal loadout configuration.

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