What I’d Like To See In X-Wing – Part 2

We’ve all done it. Let our minds wander and thought about which ships we’d like in X-Wing. To be fair, once FFG released the K-Wing all bets were off. That ship be damn ugly (and I know some of you stuck up for it after Part 1). Having gone that far into ‘Legends’, nothing is off the table as far as I’m concerned.

So as a bit of fun, I thought I’d throw some out in front of the court of public opinion. A little bit of backstory, some possible stats, and maybe even some pilots.

With Part 2 I’ve had to dig deeper into Star Wars lore. Three more ship…let’s do this!

TIE/D automated starfighter

This drone would have to be one of the cheapest ships in the game. If a Vulture-Class Droid Fighter with a 2/2/3/0 stat line comes in at 20 points, this should be around there. The droid ‘brain’ only weighs 10kg, so if we base everything on a standard TIE, there’s space for shields. Initially I thought the droids had 3 agility, so was going to knock one off to balance out the stats. Good thing I checked YASB!

Stats – 2/2/2/1

Faction – Empire

Actions – Calculate, Barrell Roll

Upgrade Bar – Missile, Mod

Pilots – Make up some droid names!

T-85 X-wing

It’s astonishing to me that we don’t know more about this by now. The 85 was around at the time of The Force Awakens, with most of them apparently vaporized when the Hosnian System was destroyed. Another Sequel Trilogy disappointment.

This has to be ‘X-Wing Plus’ in my mind. So take the stats of the T-70 and go from there. Realistically I think you add a hull perhaps, which is really pushing things for a small base. Or perhaps we knock it down to T-70 stats but be able to add more onto it…like cloaking?*

Stats – 3/2/4/4

Faction – Resistance

Actions – Focus, Lock, Boost/Barrel Roll (dependin on the config)

Upgrade Bar – Astromech, Tech, Mod, Config, Hardpoint

Pilots – Poe Dameron,

*Rogue Leader here. I’d say an extra shield and more blue on its dial. It would start to push nearer to Defender points but not go all the way as K-turns would still be red. White talon rolls? Probably a bit much.

Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport

TIE Fighter is one of my all-time favourite games. Many a time I had to escort a Delta-class transport towards a larger ship or outpost, and cover it whilst it did its business. Checking out good old Wookiepedia, this ship would be at least a medium base. Apparently it was a very front-loaded ship, with all the guns and stronger shields based around getting it to it’s target.

Cleverer people than me could figure this out. But I wonder if it could have bump mechanics? Perhaps if it bumps a large base it can ‘board’ the other ship in the form of a token or affect?

Stats – 3/1/5/5

Faction – Imperial

Actions – Focus, Reinforce, Target Lock

Upgrade Bar – Crew, Crew, Canon, Mod, Sensor

Pilots – Some Imp codes names

So then, there’s some more ideas for what we could see in X-Wing. Come on AMG you cowards!

Pssst. Yeah you there.

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