X-Wing Miniatures – Every K-Wing Built!

In this ‘built’ series of articles I will take a specific ship and build out every pilot. I will try to take into account the ship itself, any pilot abilities and the lists they would form a part of.

The articles I do in this series are picked by my Patrons! I put a poll up with a list of ships to choose from and I’ll run with whatever the winner is. This time the BTL-S8 K-Wing won out.

As always this is just my opinion, if you have other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Some pilots will be just fine on their own; I won’t add upgrades just for the sake of it but sometimes I may want to go janky. I’ll go through the pilots in ascending initiative order.

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Warden Squadron Pilot

This Warden build has shown up at the top end of tournament placings sporadically for the last couple of years now. Bung four of these guys in a list, add Sabine crew to one of them. Profit.

With the K-Wing’s bowtie turret covering the left and right, the rockets covering the front, and the Thermals the back it’s as close to a First Edition 360 arc as you’re gonna get. They’ve got enough hull and shields to last a few rounds and the SLAM action makes them surprisingly quick. Don’t worry about the…shall we say…limited dial, it doesn’t matter.

Esege Tuketu

How do you pronounce this guy’s name?!?! Answers on a postcard please.

Anyway, Esege is screaming out for Perceptive Co-Pilot. It makes his ability *does the maths* twice as good. He can keep a focus for attack and defense or he can let two of his friends use those tokens, how kind. Perceptive is expensive at eight points (which is absolutely correct) so to keep the theme going of helpfulness let’s add some Thread Tracers to dish out some locks too.

As there are only three pilots to talk about this time around I sent a message to everyone on the RO Discord to see what builds they would put together. They obliged! Firstly ‘Goose’ has his variation on Esege.

Sooooo the K-Wing. When I saw this ship I thought it was a big bulky Y-Wing and nowhere near as good looking. However, in true rebel style, it has great support ability. Esege’s ability mimics Hera’s new ability as you can see the dice roll before transferring your focus, which is extra nice as it means nothing is wasted. With upgrades, you can keep it simple, put Perceptive Co-Pilot on and call it a day but I decided to make it more interesting.

Starting with everyone’s favourite rogue rebel Jyn Erso who allows you to change a focus to an evade. Nice! In a faction that loves to shift and share focuses having Jyn on your team is great. Just a note you can’t change the focus you spend from Esege to an evade, as they are not gaining a focus, just spending it. It’s not a bad plan to keep Jyn on board a ship with one agility as giving him a way to evade makes Esege a bit more survivable. Seismic Charges are always a good call and the Thread Tracers hopefully allow the squad double modded shots. Be creative with other bombs or missiles, there are lots of combinations to fit your play style.

Miranda Doni

Miranda is I4 but four points less than Esege at I3. That should tell you a lot. She was a monster in First Edition with TLT (look it up, kids) and had a stronger version of her pilot ability. FFG felt they had to hit her with the nerf bat hard (nerf tree?) and we’ve ended up with a pilot the vast majority of people will ignore.

The combo of Miranda and Artoo makes some sense, but there is a sweet spot to it. Artoo will only come out to play when you’re no longer shielded, the same point Miranda’s ability takes effect. It means that as long you can keep regenerating that single shield every round if you want. Well, until she explodes anyway.

I’ve added Delayed Fuses and Proton Bombs to give her some punch and keep her relatively in line with the cost of the Esege build above because then it’s a straight choice between. We both know what you should pick if you had to though…

That’s every K-Wing built. Let me know if you agree or not and share your builds in the comments. Please treat this as the conversation starter it’s supposed to be and not as someone trying to tell you how these ships should be built.

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Until next time, pilots!

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