X-Wing Miniatures Pilots and Upgrades. Did you know? Part 4

There’s a ridiculous amount of upgrades in X-Wing. If you’re one of those people that has an encyclopedic knowledge of them all, that’s great! But I’m willing to bet that a lot of us struggle to recall what everything does, especially when it comes to faction-specific upgrades.

I wanted to go a bit deeper than that though. Some upgrades have an obvious use, but when you put your thinking cap on have much more utility. These upgrades are what I’m going to mention here.

Did you know that Treachorous applies to enemy ships that are obstructing the incoming attack too? The card does not mention ‘enemy’ ship anywhere.

I don’t fly Resistance and I’ve never used Hondo (although I think he’s a great character) so I defer to my friend James who does both and also beats me. Every. Single. Time.

To start Nodin moves, Hondo crew takes his action, then Nodin’s ability triggers. Nodin then coordinates via the coordinate on his action bar, then his ability triggers again! Nodin can then focus, jam, or take a lock. At this point, Nodin is double stressed so Korr Sella helps you clear it all to do it all again next turn.

This all seems quite broken but then you realise that it’s all happening on an I2 Resistance Transport. Balance.

Did you know that you can make Wullff a very angry Wookiee before you engage by using a Concussion Bomb to deal him a damage card? Concussions Bombs go under shields, handing out a damage card thus triggering his pilot ability. You can then use Jan to give him an extra red die bumping up his attack to either five or six dice. You can then use Dutch to pass him a lock too. Noice.

Did you know that you can trigger Supernatural Reflexes on Luke, do the boost or barrel roll, and then choose to open or close your S-Foils? The force talent and the configuration both happen before Luke activates so it’s down to the player in what order these are done. It’s a super expensive T-65 but…you’re right it’s just super expensive!

There are lots more of these but I need your help to find them all! Let me know in the comments what abilities and interactions I can mention here in the future.

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Until next time, pilots!

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  1. I have a friend who runs Wulfwarro with Zeb and intimidate, Jan Ors with title and concussion bombs, Dutch Vander with ion torps and turret, and Jake Farell. I hate list-blaming but I think it’s broken. You can’t joust it, flank, fly aces defensively, or bump. A swarm might do it but you’re losing a ship each round at least. A five dice double-modded 180 arc nearly every round is absurd, especially if Wulf is also reinforced.

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