X-Wing Miniatures – Every Decimator Built!

In this ‘built’ series of articles I will take a specific ship and build out every pilot. I will try to take into account the ship itself, any pilot abilities and the lists they would form a part of.

The articles I do in this series are picked by my Patrons! I put a poll up with a list of ships to choose from and I’ll run with whatever the winner is. This time the VT-49 Decimator won out.

As always this is just my opinion, if you have other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Some pilots will be just fine on their own; I won’t add upgrades just for the sake of it but sometimes I may want to go janky. I’ll go through the pilots in ascending initiative order.

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Patrol Leader

The Patrol Leader is sixty-seven points so I can’t see many people choosing them. If you’re going to run a Deci just lean into it and pick either Oicunn or RAC. If you’re set on running them though I think the trick is to keep them cheap. With that in mind I’ve added a Hull Upgrade (two points is a steal) and Thermals because they’re decent and only three points. That puts PL at seventy-two points, an expensive nuisance that at I2 can just get stuck in and disrupt.

Captain Oicunn

I think I might have to give this build a go! Oicunn can perform primary attacks at range zero so adding Intimidation is the natural choice. Adding Dauntless means Oicunn can bump and still perform an action. The next two upgrades aren’t needed but definitely add some spice.

Vader gives some flexibility as you can either use the force charge for mods or make your opponent choose between taking damage or removing a green token. Could be a huge deal if you have a mini swarm of TIE Fighters backing Oicunn up. 0-0-0 adds to this by making your opponent choose to either take a stress token or let you take a calculate. Yes, it’s one hundred points at the time of writing but that leaves plenty of room.

Morna Kee

This is a fun little build pointed out by Kyle Treubert on my Discord. The round before engagement Morna takes the reinforce action. At the end of that round, you spend a charge to flip the reinforce token to the front. When you engage the next round you take a lock on the target you have the ‘Hunted’ condition on for a double modded shot.

You could leave it there but I’ve added Prox Mines purely because you don’t see them and I feel the Decimator is the kind of ship that would use them to block paths.

Rear Admiral Chiraneau

The idea of a Decimator alongside a mini swarm feels super thematic to me. That’s why I’ve added Admiral Sloane to the crew of the Rear Admiral’s Deci. The opponent is forced to make a choice between the swarm or an angry Decimator. Either way they’re getting hit hard, it just comes down to whether they want the two stress tokens or not!

Minister Tau fits in nicely with the pilot ability; taking a red reinforce once you know where (most) of the enemy is. It also means you have your normal action, I’d take a lock as if you’ve played it right you’ll be able to convert one focus result anyway. Also lets face it, with zero agility you need to hit hard and fast.

Adding a Shield Upgrade is fairly obvious with it only costing three points and Agile Gunner means you’ve got a better chance of not having to waste an action rotating that turret instead of taking a lock.

A different take…

After putting this article together my friend Rick Antilles (Mefty on Instagram) chimed in with this double Decimator build that’s been serving him very well.

Rear Admiral Chiraneau (76)
Ruthless (1)
Minister Tua (7)
Darth Vader (14)
Conner Nets (3)
Hull Upgrade (2)

Ship total: 103 Half Points: 52 Threshold: 9

Morna Kee (75)
Ruthless (1)
0-0-0 (5)
Seventh Sister (9)
Shield Upgrade (3)
Dauntless (4)

Ship total: 97 Half Points: 49 Threshold: 9

Total: 200

Morna leads the charge with reinforce token plus a lock or double reinforce* or 360 reinforce and punishes anyone who wants to take stress making RACs’ shot easier

Many times Morna carried that list for me, either when RAC decides to shoot poorly or do stupid things or get stupid crits.

*For anyone trying to work this out (because I had to ask!), Morna reinforces backwards then spends a charge and reinforces forward in the next round. Or, she just reinforces the front twice.

That’s every Decimator built. Let me know if you agree or not and share your builds in the comments. Please treat this as the conversation starter it’s supposed to be and not as someone trying to tell you how these ships should be built.

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Until next time, pilots!

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