X-Wing Miniatures Pilots and Upgrades. Did you know? Part 5

There’s a ridiculous amount of upgrades in X-Wing. If you’re one of those people that has an encyclopedic knowledge of them all, that’s great! But I’m willing to bet that a lot of us struggle to recall what everything does, especially when it comes to faction-specific upgrades.

I wanted to go a bit deeper than that though. Some upgrades have an obvious use, but when you put your thinking cap on have much more utility. These upgrades are what I’m going to mention here.

Did you know that if you pair Garven (T-65 or Arc-170) and Hera (A-Wing or B-Wing) together then Garven has unlimited focus tokens? Garven doesn’t even have to take a focus himself if he doesn’t want to! As long as Hera is at range 1-2 she can transfer a focus token to him and he then spends the token. Then, his ability triggers and Hera can gain a new focus token and around and around we go.

Luke refused the dark side, but Leia can embrace it. Did you know that if you add Ezra gunner with Leia piloting the YT-1300 then you can also add Maul? This means that you can potentially fire twice each round and, if you add Hate too, also recover at least two force per turn if you take damage? I5 with three force charges, otherwise known as 108 points of janky goodness.

Did you know if you equip “Deathrain” with Thermal Detonators then she can potentially take four actions each round? Each Thermal is dropped/launched separately so as an example she could drop a thermal then take a focus, drop a thermal then barrel roll, do a blue move to clear the stress from the roll, and then boost into a red lock. It would take some thought and wouldn’t be needed every round but just know it can be done.

Did you know that if you get hit by a Concussion Bomb whilst having a Hull Breach the damage card dealt is still dealt face down?

Concussion bombs: At the end of the Activation Phase, this device detonates. When this device detonates, each ship and remote at range 0–1 is dealt 1 facedown damage card. Then, each ship at range 0–1 must expose 1 damage card unless it chooses to gain 1 strain token.

Hull Breach: Before you would suffer 1 or more hit damage, suffer that much critical hit damage instead.

Rules Ref pg9: If an effect instructs a player to deal a damage card to a ship, this is different from the ship suffering damage.

Result: Face down

Thanks to my friend and judge, Kris for clearing this up on Facebook.

There are lots more of these but I need your help to find them all! Let me know in the comments what abilities and interactions I can mention here in the future.

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Until next time, pilots!

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