RO Weekly League Season Two – Week Four Round-Up

In these round-ups, I’ll be giving a very quick breakdown of the factions used and pointing out any interesting lists (to me at least).

The theme of week four was ‘Your list must include only I3 and I4 pilots‘. Let’s check out the faction split!

Unfortunately some games couldn’t be played this week, hopefully they can be arranged this week. With the information I do have the Republic and Empire are running the show this week with six lists each. Then the Rebels, Resistance and Scum have three lists and finally the Seps with one. No First Order, which is surprising to me given their more ace orientated play.

Republic being out in force again is making me think I might have to be more careful with my theme choices for Season Three but we shall what the last two weeks turn up.

Let’s check out the list of the week!

O. W. Hobbs


Black Squadron Ace T-70 X-wing (47)
Heroic + Integrated S-foils
Black Squadron Ace T-70 X-wing (47)
Heroic + Integrated S-foils
Temmin Wexley T-70 X-wing (59)
Heroic + Hull Upgrade + Integrated S-foils
Black Squadron Ace T-70 X-wing (47)
Heroic + Integrated S-foils

You’re always gonna get around me with X-Wings, even if they are the wrong ones. The linked action, to me at least, is much better on the T-65 but the ability to rock up with the foils closed, barrel roll, and then open your foils and take a calculate feels decent. Just need to get that engagement right.

Below is the top ten with four of the six weeks played. My Bandits are still doing super well and *spoiler alert* the top two have managed to miss each other in week five…

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