X-Wing Miniatures Pilots and Upgrades. Did you know? Part 6

There are a ridiculous amount of upgrades in X-Wing. If you’re one of those people that has an encyclopedic knowledge of them all, that’s great! But I’m willing to bet that a lot of us struggle to recall what everything does, especially when it comes to faction-specific upgrades.

I wanted to go a bit deeper than that though. Some upgrades have an obvious use, but when you put your thinking cap on, may have much more utility. These upgrades are what I’m going to mention here.

Did you know that if you add Heightened Perception and Han Solo gunner to Leia in the YT-1300 she can fire twice at I7? You can only fire from each side of her bow tie arc once though so she’d need to be in the thick of things and to make it work some more mods would be nice. Doable though.

Pattern Analyzer is a tech upgrade that allows a ship to perform one action after fully executing a red maneuver before acquiring the stress token. Proud tradition is a First Order-specific talent that allows a ship to take focus actions while stressed. The kicker is that if that ship is still stressed when you attack, the enemy can spend a focus token or take a crit to flip Proud Tradition and make your focus action red.

This post-stress focus action allows a ship to execute a red maneuver, gain an action from Pattern Analyzer, and then take a focus action as their normal action, giving double mods or repositioning after things like k-turns. But what about Proud Tradition’s drawback? This is where “Holo” comes in. Technically Pattern Analyzer/Proud Tradition works on any FO ship with the slots to take those upgrades, but “Holo'”s pilot ability forces you to pass one token to a friendly at the start of engagement, giving her the ability to chain 5k’s and 2 sloops together with double actions and no stress! Silencers are really good friends for this holo because they’re durable and can get rid of stress easily.

Thanks to Caleb Ransil for this one!

Did you know that if your small base ship is pointing at the board edge you can check if you’ll make that 4k by checking the obstacles? If a nearby obstacle has been placed at range two and your ship hasn’t cleared it then it will absolutely make the 4k, without leaving the board. I bet a lot of you know that one but it’s always worth pointing out.

Did you know that you can use Major Rhymer’s ability to reduce the range of an equipped Advanced Proton Torpedo to range zero? Add Intimidation and as long as you already have a lock on the opposing ship you can roll five red dice whilst they roll one less green.

Thanks to Lucas Hana on the RO Discord for this one.

There are lots more of these but I need your help to find them all! Let me know in the comments what abilities and interactions I can mention here in the future.

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Until next time, pilots!

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