The Havoc Marauder built!

Before you go any further make sure you are up to date with The Bad Batch as there will be spoilers. I don’t want to tiptoe around things so there is your warning.

Still here? Cool. Just in case, here is a pic.

Following my Razor Crest built article where I had a go at building that ship from scratch…it’s time to try it again. This time I’ll be looking at the modified Omicron-Class Attack Shuttle flown by Clone Force 99 in The Bad Batch.

As with my normal built articles, this is just my opinion on how this ship could be designed for X-Wing. Everyone will have their own views and I’m sure a lot of people have given it a go already. Let me know in the comments what your take is on it! I’m going to split this into the ship itself and then take a look at pilot options.

The Ship

I debated this one. How I see it, the Marauder is similar in size to a LAAT. That would mean a medium base. However, the Republic as a faction doesn’t have a large base* so I’m leaning towards that. It also has some clear similarities to the Lambda Shuttle which is a large base.

*this changed as of last night with the Gauntlet Fighter reveal 🤷‍♂️

The Statline

Yeah, that’s right, three red dice out the front and three out the back. I must be a crazy person. However, I do have some logic.

Once again the Lambda comes up which has three out the front but only two out the back. As this ship is an attack shuttle surely it deserves that extra red. We recently saw the rear turret used in the show and it seemed to wreck face so I don’t think it’s a bad call. It would put the cost up sure, but there are other large base ships with big guns and they don’t seem OP.

I’ve given it two green dice and it seems smaller than Lambda and does seem to get a shift on. When it comes to hull and shields you can’t go too low because of the base size. I could easily be convinced to give it five hull instead.

An interesting idea (to me at least) would be that if Omega were to pilot the ship it would just have the front arc and no crew option as she likely ‘borrowed’ it to help someone. Could make a nice cheap piece.

The Action Bar

Pretty straightforward here. Focus, Lock, Barrel Roll, and Reinforce. The first two are standard but then we have the barrel roll which I think most people will argue over. I don’t think we’ve seen the ship do it on-screen* but I don’t feel it’s outside of the ship’s capabilities. Reinforce with two green dice seems pretty strong, at the cost of other mods.

*after watching Episode 14 a white barrel roll is spot, this ship can move!

The Pilots

We’ve seen ‘Tech’ pilot the ship most of the time so he’d be the ace of the group. I would still only put him at I4 though when you compare him against I5 pilots – Obi-Wan and Luke spring to mind.

I still find her a bit annoying but less annoying than I used to!

Omeeega as mentioned before would be the lowest initiative pilot. I’d say I1 and with just the front arc.

To fill out the roster I’d have Echo and Hunter, at I2 and I3 respectively. There’s an argument I think for Hunter’s initiative to go up because of his enhanced reflexes but for now that’s where I landed.

Who’s your favourite? I really appreciate Wrecker and the little affirmations he gives himself.

I’ve left Wrecker out as he seems to be the gunner so I’d add him in as a Havoc Marauder-specific gunner. As I mentioned in my Razor Crest article I’m terrible at making up abilities so let me know what you would do with him in the comments.

As a curveball; how about Crosshair as a single Imperial pilot?

The Faction

Republic for sure but after that it gets murky. You could say Scum because the team becomes mercenaries but they are inherently good which puts me off. The Bad Batch are too early in the timeline for being Rebels but I’d be interested to hear your arguments on this.

The Conclusion

For now, that’s the Havoc Marauder built!

I’d really like to know what you guys think. What have I got right? Got wrong? Have I nailed it or got it so completely wrong that I should hang my head in shame?!

If you’d like to read the other ‘built’ articles I’ve written you can find them here. Check out my YouTube channel if you’re that way inclined or see where Rogue Outpost began on Instagram.


  1. “Wrecker”
    Gunner, Republic only
    While you perform a [mobile arc] or [rear arc] attack, if there are no other friendly ships at range 0-2, the defender removes 1 focus or calculate token.
    (themes: Bad Batch operates on its own, Wrecker is intimidating, similar to Hotshot Gunner)

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