Is The Sky Falling?

Firstly, let’s look back. Has there ever been a time when EVERYONE has been happy with the X-Wing Miniatures game?

Nope! Here’s a few things off the top of my head that have been issues before:

  • Points costs
  • Lack of app, or the quality of said app
  • Misprints
  • Tournament support
  • Time between news
  • Reprints

None of this has ever been perfect, and it’s all pre AMG! You can’t please everyone.

AMG have inherited a game with a passionate following, and from their perspective will do what they think is best. For some of us that will mean more things to enjoy. For some it could fundamentally change the game to something that they don’t want to take part in.

But let’s be real; the sky is not falling.

We don’t know the full impact of the changes yet. Bidding is going going same way as Alderaan, and the knock-on is that initiative is changing too. There’s no doubt we’ll all have to adjust, and things will feel weird for a time. But personally, as I’ve done professionally, I’ve decided to look at the changes as positives. It’s new and exciting, with lots of opportunities. I won’t worry about things until they become things to worry about.

The opportunities I see coming, with the big old caveat of ‘we don’t know much right now’ in place, are as follows:

  • You won’t always be the last I6, so you need to cater for it. With no points required for the bid, perhaps there can be more tools added in interesting ways to make lists more rounded. Or learn to block!
  • I’m not saying we’ll all be rocking Turr Phennir, but perhaps we’ll go looking for less frequently used pilots as we fill out our 200 points. This could be Turr’s time! TURR META.
  • Will I finally get massively reduced Defenders? Unlikely. But I live in hope.

Now don’t get me wrong, AMG haven’t consistently showered themselves in glory so far. The Whisper printing seems particularly dumb, and no comms around it doesn’t help. Drip-feeding info as opposed to the old FFG articles is definitely a choice too. I’m not saying they’ve got it sussed. But it’s unlikely the nightmare the many more vocal players think it is.

I’d wager most will just carry on. They’ll adopt the new rules or they won’t around the kitchen table. There are people who still play and enjoy 1.0, so who knows.

In the meantime, I’ll keep pew-pewing and being a bang average player who still struggles to remember obstacle rules.

EDIT – AMG hate me. 3 Delta Defenders is 201 points. 201! That’s so close it just feels like a big old tease.

ANOTHER EDIT – AMG are clearly pushing things even further. Random Order After Dials seems OK so far. Deficit scoring rather than bids is actually rather pleasing. Just build your 200 points and crack on. I still don’t think the sky is falling, but it does look cloudy.

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