Musings Of A Casual Scrub Who Likes To Fly Casual Part 5

(Dice Saloon tournament Sept 18th).

So the tournament rolled round and I got my bag ready to head off to Dice Saloon. There was a good mix of folk there, mostly Bandit Squadron, a contingent of the Flying Bantha Squadron and a quartet of the guys from 1066 Squadron. It was great to see Breccan Kendall who I haven’t seen in person since SOS 2019 and Pete Mason, who gave me my first ever intro game of X-Wing (It’s all your fault Pete!).

I was flying my Imperial phantoms squad:

“Whisper” (60)   

    Juke (7)   

    Collision Detector (6)   

Ship total: 73  Half Points: 337  Threshold: 3

“Echo” (51)   

    Outmaneuver (6)   

    Passive Sensors (2)   

    Fifth Brother (12)

Ship total: 71  Half Points: 36  Threshold: 3

Grand Inquisitor (52)   

Ship total: 52  Half Points: 26  Threshold: 2 Total: 196

I had managed a couple of extra practice games since my last blog winning one and losing one. The list I lost against was Jason Kelly’s scum shenanigans list and I did much better than I had ever done against that type of list before. I hadn’t been expecting any of those lists as the points update was due to drop before the tournament. Alas, this was delayed! I was probably going to have to face a scum Bossk/Zam/Jabba/Asaaj list at some point during the tournament.

Game 1

My first opponent was none other than Jason “Full Throttle” Robinson, who had been the other opponent I practiced against during the previous week. He was flying 4xProcket+Disciplined Tie Barons and Echo with Juke. The same list I had won against but only narrowly. Jas and I play against each other a lot and so we know each other’s styles and tactics quite well.

I was lucky early on to halve Jason’s Echo with a range 3 shot from the Grand Inquisitor but Jason soon took half points from Inky. Then I managed to halve a Baron Before Jason killed Inky. It was far enough into the game for me to run away knowing i was just up on points.

My first game was a 59-52 win for me. Limiting the trigger from disciplined and not letting Jason get any prockets off probably swung the game for me!

Game 2

The second game had me paired against Breccan Kendall from the 1066 Squadron! It always amazes me how often I get paired against fellow Squad-mates or people I know at tournaments.

Breccan was flying Fearless Fenn and a tooled-up Boba Fett. Boba had the Marauder title, Han Gunner and Angled deflectors for the white reinforce.

I turned out to be a game of two halves, as they say! I flew the first half brilliantly and managed to halve Fenn and take some plinks from Boba. Breccan flew the second half superbly and Boba came into his own with his re-rolls and the reinforce.

Although I flew brilliantly in the first half of the game, I didn’t manage to push enough damage through on Boba and ended up having to go aggressive with my ships to try to catch up once Breccan began to halve all my ships. I managed to get half points on Boba but ended up losing all of my ships in the process.

Game 2 was a 200-95 loss. But I got to catch up with Breccan and have a great game.

After flying the twin phantoms for two games, my head needed a de-stress so lunch came at the right time.

Game 3

The third game was against Greg from Bandit Squadron. Flying four HMP gunships with a mix of toys including Synced Lasers, Probe Droids, Energy Shell Charges and Discord Missiles. I always struggle against HMPs as I don’t fly them and don’t fly against them often.

All I remember was a close game and I thought I was a point ahead towards the end so bravely ran away as some of my ships were close to losing more points.

I had miscalculated and was actually a point behind!

Game 3 was a 99-98 loss. But I could have and should have won it if I had got my sums right.

Game 4

Round 4 was against fellow Bandit Nick Murphy. He was flying three ETA Jedi. All with Autoblasters/Marksmanship and all i5 or higher. With the bid!

I struggled in this game! Moving first isn’t my style and I found it hard to adjust after three mentally tough games. Nick flew superbly and I couldn’t stop the automatic damage from the autoblaster crits. To be honest, there came a point in the game where I kind of gave up as I was so far behind.

Game 3 was a 200-38 loss.

Overall, I was 1-3 for the day and not in last place.


  • Flying two Phantoms was challenging. It was fun, but took up all of my mental energy which left me little brain space for the social side of tournament X-wing.
  • There was a game I could have won and a game I should have won. Only the last game was a total disaster!
  • I went one win better than my last tournament, which was my aim this time around.
  • James Kelly won the tournament, (and the last one), with a scum shenanigans list. Well done to Mr Kelly and well done to the scum list. I hope points changes come soon!

On a separate note, the following few days after the tournament found me feeling quite flat and a fairly unenthusiastic about X-Wing. Maybe this was due to flying two tournaments in two months and the pressure of repetitively practicing lists for the tournaments. Maybe it was the delay to the points updates and my lack of enthusiasm for the most recent product releases. Maybe it was my realisation that I’m not a consistent enough player to do well at tournaments. Maybe all three.

The points updates came and didn’t really help my X-Wing malaise!

I am still waiting for my Separatist Firespray to arrive from the pre-order, (I was one of the people who got sent a Scum one by mistake and then there was no stock), and already Dooku and Zam have been nerfed! I haven’t got an ETA on the table and the canon slot is gone. I have no enthusiasm for First Order or the Resistance Bomber. I was planning on flying a bit of fun Boba/Guri, but they took away Advanced Sensors from the Viper.

I’m not feeling it at the moment. It happens.

As it turns out, I can’t make the re-scheduled tournament at the end of October and there are two weeks this month that I can’t get to my local store/clubs. I have decided to have a month of X-Wing detox. A break away from the game is always refreshing for me and I usually come back invigorated and excited to play again.

I forgot I had signed up to season three of the Rogue Outpost League, so I am still going to participate and it’s actually been fun trying to build squads for the weekly themes.

Other than that, I am playing some Star Wars Destiny and Outer Rim.

Gotta get my Star Wars fix somehow!

If there is anything you guys might like me to take a look at in future blogs once I am back playing again, let me know and I can see if any of the topics are up my alley!

Thanks again for reading and commenting! Catch you all soon!

Jamie, (now Rogue Five)!


  1. Hi Robert.
    The Scum list in this particular case was A three ship list. Asajj in the Lancer with the Shadowcaster title. Lando in the falcon with the title. Emon in the Firespray with Zam, Proxy mines,Thermals and the Andastra title.
    I suppose when I refer to Scum shenanigans generally, I’m referring mostly to Zam crew, but also it could include such things as Greedo gunner, False Transponders, Jabba crew.etc

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