Rise of Skywalker Pilot/Upgrade Speculation from Watcher Squadron

By Mark Boorman

Hello there to any of you who may not know me and my work. I’m Mark, Leader of Watcher Squadron. I create custom cards for X-Wing on my Instagram and website, and I’m currently working on new packs for the Resistance and First Order. So I’ve turned my eye to Episode IX and what else could make it into the game from the film.

There is one ship that desperately needs an update since the new film, and that is the Millennium Falcon.

This custom card pack will give a couple of new pilots and upgrades specifically designed for the Resistance Falcon that we see in The Rise Of Skywalker, while also adding cards like Han and GA-97 to start to give the Resistance a new feel. 

Jumping right in we have the core to this pack, the Hyperspace Skipping Drive. Although controversial as a concept, it is a rather cool mechanic to play around with in-game.

My design lets you jump from board edge to board edge during the end phase, letting you get the drop on an opponent, however, your jump leaves you ionized and predictable. You also have to face the wrath of each obstacle in your path as well as being forced to jump until your drive burns out.

This card makes you hard to catch, however it prevents you from keeping the pressure on a single target!

Poe Dameron

The first of the two new pilots in this pack; Poe returns again, putting his skills as a pilot to the test while flying the Falcon.

His pilot ability is specifically designed for the Hyperspace Skipping Drive upgrade. It allows him to override your inability to perform actions (except focus) while ionized or stressed. Although the ionized part is only situationally beneficial, being able to perform actions while stressed is possibly one of the best abilities in the game. I feel if there were one pilot who deserved it, it would be Poe Dameron!

Lando Calrissian

He finally got his ship back!

Lando’s pilot card is specifically designed for use with a couple of old upgrades and the cards in this pack. However, it can still be beneficial to ships that deploy normally.

Using a ship like the A-Wing, you can easily push up the board and get into the range of an opponent in round one, and an extra action would go a long way. This comes into its own when used with a pilot like Han Solo or crew like GA-97 where you can give a ship a bonus action at a more optimal time.

It also works VERY well with the Hyperspace Skipping Drive as after you deploy but before you become ionized, you can perform a bonus action. Unfortunately, any tokens you gain are useless as you are about to remove green tokens, however, you can get off a lock or boost for the next round!


With the upcoming rules around changing bids, this card would be a massive boon to the Resistance’s aces allowing you to see where one of your opponent’s ships will be so you can more easily evade or hunt them.


The strange slug mechanic of the Resistance. Klaud can be seen fixing a power surge in the Falcon’s corridor at the beginning of the film. Because of this, I gave him the ability to help keep your ships from being ionized or stressed from red actions. When using the Hyperspace Skipping Drive you can potentially prevent yourself from becoming ionized which would be amazing!


The newest cute droid in Star Wars, D-O was able to give the Resistance the vital information to reach Exegol. Because of this, he can help one of your ships jump in closer to the enemy. This advantage, combined with Han in the Falcon, could allow two of your ships to surprise the enemy and attack them during round one!

Finally, I have an upgrade and a pilot that link to this pack in two of my other articles on my website.

Firstly is Wedge as a Resistance gunner. I made him for the B-Wing MK II a while ago, and you can check that out here.

And secondly is Shriv in the TIE/SF with a pilot ability that works well with the weird deployment and redeployment theme of this custom pack, and you can check him out here.

I’m sure AMG will eventually release a card pack containing thing like this in the future. However, I hope these will keep you satisfied in the meantime!

I hope all of you from Rogue Outpost have enjoyed my creations today! Check out my other stuff on Instagram and my website.

Thank you all for reading and a big thanks to Rogue Leader.

Watcher Leader out.

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