X-Wing Miniatures – Every T-70 X-Wing Built!

I take a specific ship and build out every pilot in this ‘built’ series of articles. I will try to take into account the ship itself, any pilot abilities, and the lists they would form a part of.

The articles I write in this series are picked by my Patrons! I post a poll and then do a write-up on whichever ship wins. This time the T-70 X-Wing won out.

As always this is just my opinion, if you have other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Some pilots will be just fine on their own; I won’t add upgrades just for the sake of it but sometimes I may want to go janky. I’ll go through the pilots in ascending initiative order.

If you’d like to read the other ‘built’ articles I’ve written you can find them here.

Lastly, I will include the S-Foils configuration card in every build as it’s free and so it’s clear for new players.

Blue Squadron Rookie

Four of these guys with BB Astromechs are solid. Big guns and lots of health to chew through with some decent options when it comes to moving around. You’ve still got 32 points to play with so you could go with a Transport Pod…or go crazy and take a Colossus Station Mechanic in a Fireball with Tracers to get locks for all those guns.

Jaycris Tubbs

Jaycris has a pretty cool ability as you could potentially remove stress from a higher initiative friendly before they perform a maneuver. But I’m guessing the reason you don’t see them is that that’s pretty niche and you’re paying 45 points for an i1 ship.

If you really want to give Jaycris a go then consider M9-G8. Remember that its ability counts for all attacks from a locked enemy, not just attacks on the ship M9 is situated. Could be useful to limit damage a little and make Jaycris more useful.

Lieutenant Bastian

Bastian is one of those times where you just don’t need to add anything! Put him in with three other ships of your choice and then sit back and watch as your opponent attacks the other ships, giving Bastian double modded shots (if he takes a focus as his action).

Nimi Chireen

Errrr. I would have maybe added a talent but having been pointed that she doesn’t have a talent slot…leave her as is.

Red Squadron Expert

If you’re bringing a Red instead of a Blue then I assume it’s because of the talent slot. In that case, there is yet again another obvious choice, Heroic.

If you’re building to 200 points now and taking four of them, how about a Hull Upgrade on each of them? That’s now four ships with eight HP behind two green defense and Heroic. Doesn’t seem like a bad shout.

Joph Seastriker

As Joph’s ability is directly linked to his shields, I would add a shield upgrade. This is in the hope that his ability would trigger more often. I’d be tempted to add an R2 astromech too but that may well be too many points for an I3 ship.

If he’s able to tank some incoming fire he could be a thorn in your opponent’s side.

Jessika Pava

I think we all know how good Jess is, right? She is our second T-70 where upgrades are not needed. Just keep her cheap and maybe fly her alongside Bastian and other T-70s so they can stay in formation.

C’ai Threnalli

So this is a ‘for fun’ build. With Juke, all C’ai has to do is jump over a friendly ship to buff his attack. Easy right? Probably not but it would be boring if I just suggested whacking Predator on! Might be worth a go once.

Black Squadron Ace

Or this?

With the upcoming change to bids then we may as well try to build up to 200 points with four of these guys, as we did with the Red Squadron Experts. With that in mind, I’d add R4 astromechs first to make those all-important two-speed turns blue. Then I’d add a 2 point talent to each of them which could be either Heroic or Predator, depending on if you want to be more defensive or offensive.

I’ve seen a few T-70 salad lists around which include one of these with Predator but I have another idea which I’ll get to later.

Kare Kun

Afterburners. All day long. Next!

Temmin Wexley

This version of Temmin, to me at least, is all about closing down distance. At I4 he can either close down lower initiative ships or get into great blocking positions against aces. To make this even better I’d add Daredevil to add that hard one boost (although be careful with that as it’s red). To set it off I’d add Advanced Proton Torpedoes as it’s straightforward enough to get Temmin to range one.

Temmin Wexley (HoH)

If I flew Resistance, I’d be flying HoH Temmin. A lot. Specifically with three more T-70s, probably Black Squadron Aces to match initiative. I’d also add Backwards Tailslide to each of them to give them the ability to boost/barrel roll over obstacles and surprise your opponent. Could also help keep your squad in formation too, if you fly them that way. If you want to give it a go, be careful with your obstacle choices so they’re easier to boost or roll over.

Just to give a quick example of how this could work…

  • Your squad starts the round with their s-foils open.
  • Before they activate they close their foils so they can barrel roll.
  • They perform their maneuver, take a focus into a linked barrel roll.
  • The barrel roll clears a small obstacle because of Backwards Tailslide, you gain an evade because you cleared it.
  • At the start of activation, you open the foils again using Temmin’s ability, take a strain and a calculate.
  • That T-70 now has a focus, a calculate and is in a spot the opponent was not expecting.

The above is somewhat of a rare situation but it gives you an idea of what can be done. Note that both Tailslide and Temmin’s ability state ‘gain’ a token. This means you can get them even if you’re stressed as they are not actions.

Ello Asty

I think Ello has a pretty simple trick. Get into range one and have a pop, then the next round white talon roll behind to get a range one Autoblaster shot. As you’ll be outside of the enemy front arc, your Marksmanship crit cannot be evaded. Noice.

Nien Numb

Poe Dameron (HoH)

Before we go to the Trigger-Happy Flyboy, lets take a look at Commander Poe first. This version of Poe is now 6 points cheaper than the other which is very tempting. However, I’m not sure I want my I6 hamstrung by having to stick close to the rest of my squad.

I wasn’t sure how to build this one to be honest. So, I put it out to my followers on Facebook and Discord to see what they thought!

“Cheap would be my opinion. You’re taking this version to be more of a support piece. so I’d rather ask the question ‘Who wants the extra action?'” Chris Fraser

“Just R4 and (maybe) Heroic is enough, he’s incredibly affordable now and you want him in Resistance joust squads with at least four ships. Even naked would be OK in my opinion if this buys more stuff on your other ships.” Nicolas Durand

“I’m experimenting with R3, Squad Leader and Targeting Synchroniser. He essentially gets to coordinated twice every couple of turns.” Aris Kolehmainen

“Best upgrades so far are adding Jess, Red Squaron Vet with R6-D8, and either Bastian or R5 Kaz and add M9-G8 onto Jess Gives four solid double-modded shots. ” Chris Brunett

Thanks to everyone that got involved there!

Poe Dameron

This card takes me back! For anyone that didn’t play First Edition, Poe has the ‘Push the Limit’ elite pilot talent(EPT) upgrade as his pilot ability. This particular was used a hell of a lot back then and although it was an early card it did not help the game’s eventual power creep.

Anyway, this means that he can link any of his actions to another red action. At I6 this is fantastic as he has a lot of board info and can make informed decisions. End up at range one of an enemy ship with no incoming shots? Take a lock and a focus! Find yourself in a tricky spot? Take a focus and evade or even close your foils and barrel roll then boost. Loads of options.

When it comes to upgrades, I know there are popular ways of building Poe but I’m going to go off-piste and build him if I were going to fly him (I never have in Second Edition). I think that cost is a big factor in building Poe so I’ve tried to keep this in mind, but his cost goes up super quickly.

First things first; I like my I6 X-Wings with torpedoes. I keep Wedge cheap with Plasmas as he dies easily but with Poe, I’m inclined to spend the 12 points on Protons. This means he can skirt around a range three if he wants to and still be a big threat.

Second, Ferrosphere Paint. I’m not sure how I feel about its cost but against lists with torps and missiles, it might make opponents think twice about locking him.

Lastly, I’d add a trusty R4 for more blues as Poe will be doing a lot of red actions.

That’s every T-70 built. Let me know if you agree or not and share your builds in the comments. Please treat this as the conversation starter it’s supposed to be and not as someone trying to tell you how these ships should be built.

If you’d like to get involved with choosing the articles I write and support RO to become bigger and better you can find my Patreon here.

Until next time, pilots!

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