It’s nearly that time.

But, I’m not here to discuss Tobey and Andrew and whether they’re gonna be in No Way Home (they blatantly are).

No I’m here to have quick chat about the talent, Intimidation. Pardon the randomness and scattiness.

With ROAD on the very near horizon, along with other possible rules changes as well, certain upgrades are going to become a lot more useful.

I was walking to the shop for evening snacks when the following popped into my noggin.

‘You never see Intimidation on X-Wings. I wonder if that will change now.’

Intimidation is normally reserved for low initiative, fast moving ships that can get into good blocking positions, the A-Wing being the best example. Or U-Wings. Let me know what other ships generally take it.

So why are we going to see more of it? Firstly, I assume that bumping is going to become even more of a thing with ROAD. We won’t know exactly when we’ll be moving our ships (if there is an initiative match) so there will be more unintentional bumping.

Secondly, the possible inclusion of actions/attacks whilst bumping. If you can bump and still take a shot then why not? Everyone is Wedge now! And Wedge is doubley Wedge!! Unless it gets banned of course.

If it doesn’t get banned then it will have to go up in cost (3 points is fair at the moment). 6 points maybe?

Or, it will get an errata so you as the ship with Intimidation can bump bit don’t get the benefit but your friendly ships do.

Who knows, I’m rambling, this should have been a short YouTube video.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you want more scattiness alongside my normal content.

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