My X-Wing Aces High Build

Recently my local gaming group received their copy of the Aces High kit which got me thinking about what I’ve used in Aces High.

Admittedly I’ve only played two games in the format but each time I’ve been drawn to the same pilot, Norra Wexley in the ARC-170.

Let’s do a quick rundown. Her ability is fantastic, just get her close and keep getting that extra evade result. Remember, it’s not changing a result already rolled; it’s taking an extra green die, finding the evade side, and popping it down next to your ship. It makes her a lot tankier than you think. She’s also got the benefit of two natural firing arcs and 9 HP. All these together give her great time on target which is what you want in the furball of Aces High.

But what do I upgrade her with I hear you say? Well, that’s changed over the course of those two games and will change again as my view on how to play the format has changed.

Build #1

This was 2 years ago now so I can’t remember the ins and outs. But I think I made it in quite a rush as had no idea the group was playing Aces High that night.

My thoughts were to go for big damage, a definite ‘YOLO’ attitude. Get those locks out there ASAP so I could smash someone in the face with the APT. Saw was there to maximise crits. Predator seems a little redundant in this build now.

Build #2

I hastily flung this together one games night when there was an odd number of players and we decided to play Aces High, there’s a theme here! I didn’t have much time and I knew I wanted to be aggressive again so Zeb, APT, and VTG were easy choices. Zeb so I can still fire range 0, APT for that sweet 5 dice shot, and VTG for double shots. I then picked R3 like last time to get multiple locks for the APT. I’ll circle back round to Intimidation.

Then I picked a Shield Upgrade…for some reason. At the time I thought that more HP will keep me around longer so I can do more damage. However, what it actually stopped me from doing is firing the APT and then dying quicker so I can respawn and get the APT charge back!

A red four straight into the thick of things!

Future Build #3

When I next play Aces High I’ll be giving this a go.

74 points of fun (at the time of writing)! As you can see I’ve stuck with R3, VTG, and Zeb. Where the difference lies is in my choice of talent and torpedo.

As I’ve mentioned Norra is all about range 1. With the combo of Zeb and Intimidation I can bump her, still shoot (let’s not talk about that right now) and reduce the enemy green dice by one. Great! So if I get to range 1, I have a free evade. If I get bumped, I get the evade and lower their agility.

Changing the APT to standard Proton Torpedoes means that I can roll 4 red dice at any range and I’ve got an extra charge for the top.

For a minute I considered Angled Deflectors to drop the shields so it’s easier for her to be destroyed but that flies in the face of her ability.

That’s just some quick thoughts on my Aces High build journey. What do you like to fly? Do you even play Aces High? Let me know!

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