Rogue-Class Starfighter Speculation

Overnight (for me in the UK), a Galapagos distributor posted some images they probably shouldn’t have. Or maybe they’re allowed? Who knows!

Along with what I presume is a placeholder image for a Clone Z-95 (that’s cool) we got this…

Considering the name, I’m gonna have to get some aren’t I

The only information we have at the moment is they are are due in the first half of 2022. Could this be end of February along with the Gauntlet, Razorcrest and Mando pack? Maybe, but it wouldn’t surprise me if these were spaced out. Firstly to close the gap a little between FFG and AMG product releases and secondly because previously mentioned ships/packs are going to be very expensive if you’re getting all three.

Let the speculation begin!

Note: This is gonna be rough and ready (I’m writing this on my phone) so there won’t be any custom graphics like I did with the Razorcrest for example.

Size and Stats

From the looks of the packaging I think the Rogue-Class is going to be on a medium base. Unless of course they pull an FO Bomber trick. From a Scum perspective this makes no difference (so many ships), but Seps need more medium base.

When it comes to the stats, this is what springs to mind.

Attack – 3 out of the front arc. Wookieepedia states the armament as fire-linked laser cannons. So no missiles or torps to complement.

Agility – 2

Hull – 6

Shields – 2

So overall, a bit more HP than an X-Wing with the same firepower.

Action Bar and Ship Ability

Reading up on the ship it looks be an elite fighter of sorts, going off this quote from Cad Bane –

“I want a Rogue-class starfighter, with elite weapons, cloaking device, the works. Oh, and triple my usual rate.”

So I’d say it’s going to have some linked actions for sure. I’m not sure how mobile it’s supposed to be so I’m gonna go off how it looks! Super scientific here 😜

Focus into linked Boost

Lock into linked Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll

Boost (red)


Lots of options there I think to get into some good positions and the option to get out of dodge if need be.

When it comes to abilities, I think it will have a ship ability due to the pilots we know have taken the controls. Cad Bane and MagnaGuards. Both seem very precise so maybe something to do with the bullseye? Looking at other Scum ship abilities maybe ‘Dead to Rights’ from the Kimogila?


Again I don’t know much but Cad Bane’s ‘Xanadu Blood’ has a cloaking device so how about a title to that effect?

Xanadu Blood – Your ship gains the cloak action and an additional shield.

I’m clutching at straws here but the addition of an extra shield keeps in line with the mods he asked for. Or, maybe the standard Rogue-Class has a 2 attack and the title gives it an additional red die?

Thanks for reading! I could look at the dial and also possible pilots but it’s time to see the inlaws! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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