Republic Z-95 Speculation

Following on from my speculation on the Rogue-Class Starfighter, I thought I’d have a look at the new Z-95!

We know its scheduled for the first half of 2022. Other than that, it’s up to us to speculate!

Note: This is gonna be rough and ready (I’m writing this on my phone) so there won’t be any custom graphics like I did with the Razorcrest for example.

Size and Stats

Well this is kinda straightforward isn’t it. It’s going to be a small base. When it comes to the stats I’m going to guess the following:

Attack – 2 out the front arc

Agility – 2

Hull – 2

Shields – 2

Yep that’s right. Exactly the same as the Z-95 we already have! I just can’t see it having more overall HP or more offence/defence.

What I can see it having access to are torpedo and missile slots instead of the later Zeds’ missile slot. Again I don’t expect any other upgrade slots, just modification and talents where applicable.

Action Bar and Dial

When it comes to actions, I think we’ll see a similar bar to the current Zed again. So that means focus, lock and a red barrel roll. Maybe the barrel roll could be white instead? Or…how about a cheeky boost action? Would be a nice differential.

Regarding the dial, I’ve moaned quite a few times about the location of the Rebel Zeds’ blue maneuvers.


The lack of blue, one-speed bank’s has always been frustrating to me. So I’d like to see them added to the Republic Zed, replacing the blue two-speed banks if need be. Maybe this Zed having two engines instead of the later Zed’s four could be the reasoning.


I didn’t talk about pilots with the Rogue-Class but when it comes to ‘clone’ Zed…well.

‘Hawk’, ‘Killer’ and ‘Warthog’ all piloted Zeds during the Clone Wars. Hawk and Warthog are already in the game flying the LAAT, could we see them here too? We know the clones were trained to fly multiple craft and we’ve seen it before (Oddball).

The bigger question is whether they would retain their LAAT pilot abilities?

I think it could be interesting to see these abilities on a much cheaper chassis. After these we could see some generics from Red or Blue Group.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you think about my ideas and also share yours.


  1. Hawk on a Z-95 chassis might actually be interesting.

    The real questions are will we see any Jedi pilots? and will we get Oddball? (I’m assuming yes)

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