X-Wing Miniatures Pilots and Upgrades. Did you know? Part 7

There are a ridiculous amount of upgrades in X-Wing. If you’re one of those people that has an encyclopedic knowledge of them all, that’s great! But I’m willing to bet that a lot of us struggle to recall what everything does, especially when it comes to faction-specific upgrades.

I wanted to go a bit deeper than that though. Some upgrades have an obvious use, but when you put your thinking cap on, may have much more utility. These upgrades are what I’m going to mention here.

Did you know that for ships like the Tri-Fighter, TIE Aggressor and Attack Shuttle can get a linked barrel roll into a white evade? Just add Debris Gambit, barrel roll near an obstacle, and what would normally be a red linked evade becomes white. The upgrade only mentions a performing a red evade action, it does not state where that red evade has to come from. Winner!

Did you know that technically you can get a 7 red dice shot?

A VCX at range one fires five reds. With Jan Ors in your squad she can take a stress to add another red die to the VCX which makes six red die being rolled. Easy enough.

If your VCX is being flown by Kanan you can add Shattering Shot which, if the circumstances are correct, add a focus result. The game rules state that each attack has a limit of six red die but as the focus result from Shattering Shot is added later it gets around that rule. There you go, seven red dice. I’d add Saw crew too to add more crits to the mix. It’s super silly but it could happen!

There are other ways to get it too (Whisper Kylo with Prockets and Shattering Shot) but I’m a Rebel guy at heart.

The guys on the RO Discord had a lot of back and forth on this but they they worked out the maximum amount of damage you can deal from one shot is 17. What have you worked out?

Did you know that if you have Thermal Detonators, Tracjectory Simulator and Skilled Bombardier you can launch two Thermal Detonators; one using the five speed template and the other using four speed template. Pretty cool.

This is an easy one for more experienced players but can be confusing for newers players. Do you know when you lose the shield from Plasma Torps?

The shield loss occurs at the end of of step 4: Neutralize Results, once it has been determined that the attack hits. The remaining results are dealt in step 5: Deal Damage.

So even if the torps hit a ship with one shield remaining they strip that shield first and then do a damage to the hull.

There are lots more of these but I need your help to find them all! Let me know in the comments what abilities and interactions I can mention here in the future.

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Until next time, pilots!

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