X-Wing Miniatures – Every Scurrg Bomber Built!

I take a specific ship and build out every pilot in this ‘built’ series of articles. I will try to take into account the ship itself, any pilot abilities, and the lists they would form a part of.

The articles I write in this series are picked by my Patrons! I post a poll and then do a write-up on whichever ship wins. This time the Scurrg H-6 Bomber won out.

As always this is just my opinion, if you have other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Some pilots will be just fine on their own; I won’t add upgrades just for the sake of it but sometimes I may want to go janky. I’ll go through the pilots in ascending initiative order.

If you’d like to read the other ‘built’ articles I’ve written you can find them here.

Lok Revenant

With the I2 Lok Revenant, I’ve tried to keep it cheap but still make it a nuisance. With that in mind firstly I’ve added Seismic Charges for some area denial.

Secondly, I’ve added Cad Bane crew which is an upgrade I’ve never seen in play! With the low initiative, it could help the Revenant either get into some interesting blocking positions or just help them get out the way! I’m kinda surprised we don’t see more of it honestly. You could add the title to add an R4 Astromech to clear the stress easier but that flies in the face of keeping this build cheap.

I’ve also added a Dorsal Turret to add that additional arc in case circumstances dictate you can’t clear the stress from the boost and would otherwise be without a shot.

Sol Sixxa

All of the options!

Well, not all of the options but this Sol build has quite a few. I want to use “Genius” so the Havoc title is a must to get the astromech slot. Because of this, there is the possibility that Sol will drop a device after completing a manoeuvre. With this in mind, I’ve added Ablative Plating so any damage from a friendly bomb can be ignored twice each game.

Speaking of bombs, I’ve kept it simple. Bomblet Generator is cheap at two points but a nice deterrent and you have the option to lose a shield to get more charges which is a nice choice to have. Skilled Bombardier fits nicely with Sol’s ability as it gives him ten drop options.

Quick PSA

If you like reading these articles and you’d like to get involved with choosing the articles I write (while supporting RO) then you can find my Patreon here. You guys know the score by now, take a look if you want!

Captain Nym

For Nym, I’ve gone all-in. Whereas my Sol build was 56 points, this Nym is 77 points.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the second part of Nym’s pilot ability used so I will concentrate on the first part. That means Proton Bombs, Seismic Charges, the Havoc title, and Trajectory Stimulator (lol). With these toys, Nym can launch something each round if need be, cutting off lanes of attack for opponents. He can then use his charge to hold it there if needed.

The Ion Cannon Turret feels a nice fit to the control element of this build and VTG (JARGON ALERT, DYLAN!) can give Nym a nice double-tap. Once again, loads of options.

That’s every Scurrg Bomber built. Let me know if you agree or not and share your builds in the comments. Please treat this as the conversation starter it’s supposed to be and not as someone trying to tell you how these ships should be built.

Until next time, pilots!

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