A long time ago etc etc….

25 years ago, Galoob began releasing a line of Star Wars toys that would become a core part of my childhood, and now my adulthood too – Star Wars Action Fleet.

5 years ago, I was thinking about the ones I had managed keep hold of. They were still really cool, so surely other people thought they were too?

So with a basic understanding of Instagram and some photos of my own toys, I set up an account. Maybe some other people find joy in the pics, and maybe I could see some more and share them too…

@starwarsactionfleet was born.

My first post!

At the same time I came across a site that had a tonne of Action Fleet pics ready to go, www.rebelscale.com. I got in touch with Jonathan and explained what I wanted to do and he was gracious enough to let me use his images. This was a huge win, I don’t know where I’d be now if it weren’t for that.

My first post using Rebel Scale’s images.

Rewind 18 months and I had started playing X-Wing at my FLGS in Portsmouth. I had randomly come across the game when I was searching eBay for Action Fleet (AF) X-Wings and quickly got my brothers and friends involved. I came into the game about the time the E-Wing was being released and was immediately hooked. I started attending tournaments and quickly became a mid-table player (which I still am today!).

Back to the present and 2 months in to my Instagram adventure I came to a bit of a crossroads. I realised that I only had a finite amount of AF images to share; it’s pretty niche and the line was already 20 years old! X-Wing was a game that was only going to get bigger and due to playing games consistently and new releases I knew I would have a steady stream. So, do I doggedly keep to AF or do I expand the scope of my account?

The decision was actually pretty easy and X-Wing posts quickly started taking over. This had the benefit of a lot of new followers and 6 months in I had 300 followers, awesome!

Since then my Instagram has steadily grew (with a few name changes sprinkled in), I’ve done my fair share of competitions and giveaways and I’ve even travelled to Sweden to play! Which puts me here. I couldn’t keep using ‘starwarsxwing’ as it’s really on the nose so I decided to pick a new name. The Rogue Squadron books growing up were a big deal so that was a pretty easy decision. I see FFG’s site as the ‘base’ of X-Wing and this place as an outpost of that so there we go!

I really hope that you’ll stick around and keep checking in as I continue to expand the site. If you have any suggestions or want to get in touch about anything else email me at rogueoutpost@outlook.com.