The Rogue Outpost Weekly League Series 2022 is an online X-Wing Second Edition league series. It will consist of three separate leagues during the year which will culminate in a Champions League where the 1st and 2nd players from each League battle it out to become the 2022 Series Champion!

The Leagues will start in February, May, and finally October with the Champions League (CL) at the end of November (TBC). You can play in any number of Leagues; one, two or all three! In the event of someone placing 1st or 2nd in more than one League, the 3rd placed player will be invited to the CL.

Below is what you can win; there will be an EXCLUSIVE RO Boba Fett alt-art for this League. You won’t be able to get these anywhere else! If you join multiple Leagues and get multiples copies of the cards then why not share them with your local gaming group? There will be additional prizes announced for each League during the Leagues.

The Series Champion prize will be at least a Gauntlet Fighter!!

Depending on the number of entrants to the Leagues throughout the year, more could be added. So the more players, the bigger the prize!

The entry fee for each League is £8. All players must have paid their fee, completed the signup form below and signed up on Tabletop TO. Once Ben (Rogue Leader) has sight of all three, he will approve each player on on Tabletop TO. Fees paid to via PayPal.

Sign up form –

Tabletop TO sign up for the February league –

The League will be run in the widest format possible. Currently this means Extended but with AMG’s forthcoming rules on the way this may change. When it comes to rules…if AMG release their new rules in January we will use them. If not, we’ll stick to the current rules but with the addition of deficit scoring.

As with the previous Leagues, I want players of all levels to be involved, from beginners to seasoned players. Each of the Leagues will be in a casual tier setting. Forgot that focus? Don’t worry about it, we’re all friends here!

The CL will be in a premier tier setting. It’s the business end so it will be treated as such. The onus will be on the individual players to remember triggers etc.

Each League will consist of six games for each player, played weekly one game per week. Games will be allocated according to how you’re doing so far. Each game week will once again have a theme or list building restriction to encourage players to try something different.

More details will be added here as and when. For now though if you have any questions please get in touch at or find me on social media.